All files are available in three video formats. Microsoft Video™ (wmv) mp4 video and iPod video (m4v). If you are unsure, then you can download your video in all three formats in one compressed (.zip) file.

Excellent quality - cross platform - editable - requires QuickTime™ installation. Why not get two movieclips and edit them together? Compressed using Episode Pro. The best format for importing/converting into Adobe Flash.

Resolution: 720 x 406 Data rate: 1924 kbits/s File size : (+/-) 5.2mb

Microsoft Video™(wmv)
Excellent quality - low data rate - needs a reasonably fast CPU. Great for Microsoft PowerPoint™. If you have been using Mpeg 1then you should really try wmv.

Resolution: 720 x 406 Data rate: 3087 kbits/s File size : (+/-) 4.5mb

iPod video (m4v)
Excellent quality - low data rate. No need to convert size for iPod playback. Transfers easily to iPod

Resolution: 640 x 360 Data rate: 1693 kbits/s File size : (+/-) 4.5mb

Not sure?
If you are unsure of which format you wish to buy for use in your playback application click here to preview and then download our free movie which is available in wmv, mp4 or ipod video formats. You can even download all formats in one compressed (zip) file.