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When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Trauma Workers DVD


This program outlines the symptoms of Secondary Traumatization and Compassion Fatigue.

Full Description:   

When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Trauma Workers with Dr. Charles Figley was produced for trauma workers, relief workers and those exposed to trauma due to their professions or work as volunteers. This program outlines the symptoms of Secondary Traumatization and Compassion Fatigue. Six noted therapists discuss ways of recognizing these conditions in yourself and others, and the means of treatment and prevention.

The following areas are covered in the video:


  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Compassion Stress
  • Secondary Traumatization
  • Burn-Out
  • Countertransference
  • Work-Related Stressors


  • Professional
  • Physical Emotional
  • Psychological Interpersonal
  • Behavioral
  • Spiritual


  • Who's vulnerable and why?



  • Organizational Prevention Techniques
  • Self Care
  • Peer Support
    "I am the Director of Health Services for Jefferson County Schools. In that position I co-coordinate Crisis response and thus was on the scene on 4/20/99 at Columbine HS and coordinated a massive crisis response to the school staff, student and parents. As you can imagine--we had hundred victims and numerous helpers. I hooked up with Frank several months later and he told us about the video and sent us a copy. We then ordered several more. It provided excellent information during the emotional recovery time after the violent shooting at our school. Our crisis responders worked long hours at such an intense level and we found the video a helpful tool in validating our feelings and giving us support. We continue to use it, two years later."
    Betty Fitzpatrick, R.N. M.S., Director, Health Services, Jefferson County Schools

    50 minute version


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