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ACT Made Simple Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

by Russ Harris MD Foreword by: Steven C. Hayes Ph.D.

ACT Made Simple makes the six ACT processes easy to understand and implement in therapy.

Full Description:   

At acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) workshops around the world, author Russ Harris is often asked one question: If you could recommend just one book on ACT, what would it be? ACT Made Simple, a clear, accessible, and jargon-free ACT primer, is the answer to that question. Though many mental health professionals are intrigued by the concepts presented in the ACT model, they are often hesitant to delve into intimidating technical volumes that are heavy on theory but lacking in real-world tips and solutions. Based on ACT in a Nutshell, Harris' popular ten-week crash course on the ACT model, ACT Made Simple makes the six ACT processes easy to understand and implement in therapy. ACT professionals seeking a refresher course on the model as well as therapists new to ACT will appreciate this practical approach. The book includes conversational responses and questions, but also encourages readers to tailor ACT techniques to their practices and their clients. Readers learn to innovate simple mindfulness exercises, create their own defusion techniques, make client worksheets, and set up client homework schedules. Chapters include handy tips and when this doesn't work sections.

248 pages, 8" X 10" Inches

ISBN: 978-1-57224-705-5

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