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Leisure Enhancement, 2nd Edition

by Michael J. Leitner, PhD and Sara F. Leitner, MA

This shows how to facilitate maximum leisure well-being by providing a basic understanding of leisure theory, concepts, and philosophy. It illustrates how it can be applied to one's own life to enhance social development and reduce stress.

Full Description:   

Readers gain timely information on the most recent developments in the areas of health and fitness, stress reduction, socialization, recreational participation patterns of Americans, and leisure trends around the world. In addition, new ideas for improving leisure time management, and utilizing leisure to improve fitness, socialization, and stress management have been added.

Leisure Enhancement, Second Edition teaches students how to facilitate maximum leisure well-being by providing a basic understanding of leisure theory, concepts, and philosophy. It illustrates how these ideas can be applied to one's own life to enhance social development, improve fitness and health, and reduce stress. Intended as a text for introduction to leisure for non-majors, Leisure Enhancement, Second Edition is also ideal as a resource book for leisure and recreation majors and in leisure counseling and leisure education courses. A unique combination of theoretical and practical material shows students:

  • a comprehensive philosophy of leisure
  • theoretical explanations of why people recreate
  • how to better understand personal and societal leisure behavior
  • effective leisure planning and goal setting
  • ways to improve fitness, reduce stress, and promote social development through leisure
  • how to facilitate the application of theories, concepts, and data to improve personal leisure and well-being
  • how to broaden their perspectives on leisure and adapt to future changes

    Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter of Leisure Enhancement guide instructors and students in focusing on the most important facts and concepts in each chapter. Chapters present intellectually challenging information in a format that enables its practical application to the improvement of readers' leisure and their lives in general. A detailed instructor's guide is included which makes the book an excellent text for use by new or experienced instructors and in departments where different faculty teach the applicable courses every semester. The guide contains suggestions for activities and discussion questions to "bring to life" the material in the book. Students and instructors alike will benefit from the book's user-friendliness and its clear links between theory and application.

    447 pages; 6 X 9;soft bound



  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I: Introduction to Recreation and Leisure
  • Concepts of Leisure
  • Leisure Education: Vital to the Well-Being of Society
  • Historical Influences on Leisure Today
  • Leisure and Recreation in the United States Today
  • Why People Recreate: Theoretical Explanations
  • Part II: Application of Theory to Enhance Leisure Well-Being
  • Leisure Planning and Time Management
  • Fitness and Leisure
  • The Role of Leisure in Stress Reduction
  • The Use of Humor and Laughter in Coping With and Reducing Stress
  • Recreation and Social Development
  • Gambling and Recreational Drug Use: Two Prevalent, but Controllable Leisure Problems
  • Personal Leisure Philosophy
  • Part III: Expanding Leisure Horizons
  • Leisure Throughout the Life Cycle
  • Recreation for Special Populations: An Overview
  • Recreation for Special Populations: A Wheelchair Athlete's Perspective
  • Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resource Lands
  • Leisure Around the World
  • Leisure in the Future
  • Appendix: Categorization of Recreational Activities
  • Index

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