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Social Behaviour ColorCards Illustrated


This pack will help students to focus on the social behaviour area of personal development.

Full Description:   

This pack will help students to focus on the social behaviour area of personal development. Some of the cards illustrate effective use of social skills whilst others show a lack of understanding of these skills. The format of the pack allows the user to develop a flexible approach according to individual needs.

Social Behaviour can be used with individuals and with groups. The cards illustrate many ways of managing social activities. Your students will enjoy interpreting and responding to the various social interactions in familiar situations.

Some cards show a good understanding of social behaviour so that the interaction shown is calm and stress free. Other people appear relaxed and at ease. Most of the cards show a lack of understanding of a particular aspect of social behaviour so that one or more people feel upset. The resulting feelings of unease are shown by the body language and facial expression of other group members.

44 ColorCards


Contents: 1 Three people are enjoying a conversation, but leaving out one person 2 Two women are whispering together and glancing at the third woman in front of them 3 A member of a group is making introductions 4 A girl is laughing loudly 5 Mourners are dressed sombrely at a funeral. One girl is inappropriately dressed 6 A bar worker is checking some paperwork very close to a co-worker 7 A child is giving up her seat to a man 8 Two boys are making faces at a boy in a wheelchair 9 A girl is talking so animatedly that she spills her drink onto a man sitting close by 10 The doctor is busy writing her notes as a patient comes through the door 11 Two men are walking together. A sighted man guides a blind man 12 A girl is listening to her personal stereo which upsets her neighbour 13 A young shopper is unable to take her turn because a woman is giving her order first 14 A boy is leaving the bathroom untidy and wet as a girl enters 15 A girl is smoking so that smoke is drifting across to a family sitting close by 16 A man is holding the door open for a woman to enter the building 17 Two children are picking flowers and looking around furtively 18 A man is taking up a vacant seat with his luggage. Other passengers 19 The girl has served the customer with a cold drink and now she is 20 A man is using his mobile phone while the children are performing 21 A nurse is patting the head of a patient 22 One student is passing a note to another during an exam 23 Dinner guests arrive carrying a bottle of wine 24 Two people are waiting to be served. The assistant is talking on the telephone 25 People are queuing at the buffet to help themselves to food. 26 A man is lighting a bonfire as a neighbour hangs out her washing 27 Although there is a bin, young people have left food packaging on the pavement 28 A delivery man is handing some special flowers to a woman 29 Three men are leering at a young woman 30 Able-bodied children are running out into the playground, leaving a child in a wheelchair behind 31 The doorman is sheltering departing guests from the rain 32 Young people are enjoying a noisy party but disturbing the couple next door 33 A young man is giving directions to tourists 34 Two girls are chewing gum and looking at a man who has noticed that gum has stuck to his shoes 35 A boy is splashing other swimmers 36 A steward is leading children towards their waiting parents 37 The teacher is being disturbed by noisy pupils as she writes on the board 38 Large boys are pushing younger pupils about 39 A man is emptying his ashtray onto the ground 40 A girl is giving food to a homeless man 41 At the end of a meal, the group of diners leave the clearing up to one person 42 Three nurses are laughing at a cartoon of a gay person on the notice board. The man in the doorway looks offended 43 An assistant is bringing a chair and coffee to an older customer 44 A woman is feeding her dog from her plate

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