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Personal Safety ColorCards Illustrated


This pack will help students to identify and discuss health and safety issues

Full Description:   

This pack will help students to identify and discuss health and safety issues. Some of the cards illustrate imminent danger and others show possible longer term effects. Full colour illustrations show a variety of situations in which people are at risk, either through their own behaviour or that of others. Each card clearly shows the activity creating the risk and users can be encouraged to disucss the reasons for this risk and ways of avoiding it, making the pack a valuable resource for teachers, therapists and others working with individuals and groups who do not fully appreciate risk and safety. Images include people of all ages and from a range of ethnic backgrounds. The format of the pack allows a flexible approach according to particular needs. Use Personal Safety with individuals and with groups. The cards show many common potential dangers. Your students will enjoy recognising and responding to the various hazards they could meet in their daily lives.

Contents: 1.Driving a car with children fighting in the back 2.Wearing unsuitable clothes for hill walking 3.Young people smoking 4.Travelling on an escalator with a baby in a stroller 5.Overloading an overhead luggage rack 6.Playing on a building site 7.An unhygienic kitchen 8.Crossing the road in moving traffic 9.A visible wallet in a back pocket 10.A cluttered fire exit in a public place 11.Buying and selling drugs 12.Approaching a stranger in a car 13.Tangled and trailing electric cables 14.Tipping rubbish overboard 15.Playing in the road 16.Leaving valuables on display 17.Playing with fireworks 18.Using a sharp knife unsafely 19.Creating a hazard on a pavement 20.Playing near chemicals and poisons 21.Leaving the toilet without washing hands 22.Driving too close to a horse and rider 23.Overloading electrical sockets 24.Wearing non-protective clothes on a moped 25.Poor monitoring of a hot and smoking frying pan 26.Drink driving 27.Sitting very near to a TV screen 28.Poor supervision of a child playing at the edge of a pool 29.Driving with passengers seated precariously 30.Hazardous loading of van 31.Cleaning materials in a public place 32.Sunbathing without protection 33.Skateboarding in a shopping precinct 34.Travelling in a bus without seatbelts 35.Drinking water directly from a stream 36.Prolonged playing with a computer 37.Wearing dark clothes at night 38.Using a ladder unsafely 39.Using a cash dispenser on own and at night 40.Mowing close to an electric cable 41.Child unsupervised in a supermarket 42.Entering a lift with strangers 43.Lazing indoors and overeating 44.Cycling in a pedestrian area

44 laminated cards, 148 x 210mm, instruction booklet, boxed


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