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It's OK to be Me
Developing Emotional Literacy through the creative arts
by Annie Hamlaoui

This practical workbook aimed at raising self awareness and self esteem for children aged 9-12.

Full Description:   

A practical workbook which takes the reader through a four-stage guided journey. This starts with a gentle exploration of thinking positively about where they are now, where they would like to be, what the next steps to making changes would be and an example model of how they could make those changes. Offers opportunities to create a personal profile by identifying qualities and achievements and also an action plan for change. Can be used on a one-to-one basis and in small and large groups.

Age: 9-12

Pages: 86, Format: Spiral bound


  • 1. Where am I now? A chance to find out more about myself and what makes me the person I am
  • 2. Where do I want to be? Deciding how I would like things to be now and in the future
  • 3. What are my next steps? What changes do I need to make?
  • 4. How will I take those steps? Making a plan of action.
Reviews: "I have found this resource a useful tool in helping children gain more confidence and self-esteem; it has helped them aspire to achievable goals and celebrate their successes." Joelle Monfinoli, Art Psychotherapist, Middleton Primary School, Leeds. "Learning materials were clear and easy to use."
Wendy Forrest-Charde, Emotional Literacy Teacher, Calmore Junior School

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