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Fun Pictures Pocket ColorCards


Discover the deliberate mistake in these humorous and entertaining cards.

Full Description:   

These pocket sized sets of flashcards - comparable in size and quality to a good pack of playing cards and are designed to support teaching and therapeutic input in the cilnic, school and home. Discover the deliberate mistake in these humorous and entertaining cards. Containts objects and situations of interest to all ages. Based on the successful "Whats Wrong ?" format, the fun element is the realisation that there is something odd about each picture.

Contents: Saucepan for a hat, a very small sweater Upside down TV picture, shoes in the fridge Racket with the flowers, string on a plate Shoes for the same foot, Dummy on a key ring Toothbrush in a cup, Ball in a fruit ball Buttons in a fruit bowl Carrot in a necklace, pencils for candles, books in the toaster, Glasses on the wrong way up, No fork or spoon, Mailing a sandwich, Facing backwards, Haircut using shears, Cake in the toy box, Fish on a hat, Furry mouse on a mouse pad Nightlight for a paint Going out in pyjamas Feather for a drumstick Fish slice for paintbrush Magazine with the washing Chesse with headphones Fish in a glass Fretsaw for a knife Kettle for an iron Cat in a bird cage Caulliower for a ball Socks for gloves

36 Pocket ColorCards


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