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Cause & Effect ColorCards


This ColorCards pack illustrates the sequential nature of day-to-day events.

Full Description:   

This ColorCards pack illustrates the sequential nature of day-to-day events. The notion of 'one thing leading to another' is shown in a number of different ways using two-card sequences. The pairs are arranged in groups. Some effects are predictable and others happen by chance. Some are welcome, but others are troublesome or even dangerous. Within each group, simple sequences are followed by others that are more subtle or complex.

48 cards


Contents: Group l: Accidents 1 Play Room 1A The children play roughly . 1B and break the doll. 2 Ironing 2A The woman leaves a hot iron on the shirt . 2B and scorches it. 3 Reaching for the Biscuits/Cookies 3A The boy tries to reach the biscuit/cookie tin by himself 3B but it falls to the floor. 4 Playing Ball 4A The boy plays with the ball indoors . 4B and knocks the flowers down. 5 Untidy Cable 5A The girl doesn't see the cable trailing on the floor 5B and trips over it. 6 Playing with Matches 6A The boy lights some matches 6B and sets fire to the papers. 7 Bath Time 7A The girl leaves the bath water running 7B and it overflows. 8 Moving the TV 8A The man carries the heavy TV 8B . and hurts his back. 9 Baking Cakes 9A The woman leaves the buns in the oven 9B and burns them. Group ll: Difficulties 10 Chocolates 10A The boy eats a lot of chocolates 10B and feels ill. 11 Building a Tower 11A The girl builds the bricks into a high tower 11B and they fall down. 12 Dinner time 12A The boy puts salt on his dinner 12B and doesn't like the taste. 13 Leaving for School 13A The boy is in a hurry 13B and forgets his lunch box. 14 First Aid 14A The boy has cut his finger 14B and needs a bandage. 15 Getting Warm 15A The girl feels cold 15B so she turns on the heater and puts on her sweater. 16 Exercise 16A The man works hard on the exercise bike 16B and feels exhausted. Group lll: Time 17 Growing Bulbs 17A The woman plants the bulbs 17B and later the flowers appear. 18 Photograph 18A The photographer takes the picture 18B and produces a framed portrait. 19 Party 19A The girl receives an invitation 19B and gets ready for the party. Group lV: Emotions 20 Gift 20A The woman has been given a present 20B and is thrilled when she sees what is inside. 21 Spider 21A The boy is asleep in bed 21B and is surprised to see a spider when he wakes up 22 Work 22A The woman has a lot of work to do 22B and is pleased when she has finished it. 23 Saying Goodbye 23A The woman waves goodbye 23B and feels sad. 24 Opening the Mail 24A The man opens his letter 24B and feels worried when he reads it.


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