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Helping Children with Loss Storybook & The Day the Sea Went Out and Never Came Back Guidebook
Storybook and Guidebook Set
by Margot Sunderland

Storybook and Guidebook set.

Full Description:   

Story Book
Eric is a sand dragon who loves the sea very much. Each day, he watches it going out and coming back. But one day, the sea goes out and does not come back. So he falls on the sand in terrible pain. It feels to him as if he has lost everything. After many bleak days, Eric sees a little wild flower. It is dying. Eric knows he must save it. He finds water. More and more flowers appear and so Eric starts to make a beautiful rock pool garden. And as he does, he finds the courage to feel the full pain of his loss, instead of closing his heart. He realizes that his memories of his precious sea are like a special kind of treasure in his mind, a treasure he will never lose.

Guide Book
If a child is to benefit from the full therapeutic potential of the storybooks, then we strongly recomend that the accompanying guidebooks are used in conjunction with the stories. We advise reading the accompanying guide book before reading the story with the child, which will enable you to come to the child from a far more informed postion, and thus offer a far richer and more empathetic response.

Each guide book focuses on a key feeling and is written in a very user-friendly language, covering the most relevant psychotherapeutic and neurobiological theories for that feeling.

Includes what children themselves have said about what it is like for them, what they have felt struggling with the too difficult feeling and what they have done because of it.

Provides exercises, tasks and ideas for things to say and do to help children. The exercises and ideas are specifically designed to help a child think about, express and process the feelin to the point of resolution. Some are also designed to inspire children to speak more about what they are feling through their own spontaneous story making.

Includes pictures and stories by children.

Many of the exercises offered will support children in creative, imaginative and playful ways of expressing themselves.

  • Are suffering from the pain of loss or separation from someone or something they love deeply
  • have had a parent, relative or important friend leave or die
  • are obsessed with their absent parent
  • have lost someone they love, but have never really mourned
  • are trying to manage all their painful feelings of loss by themselves
  • feel that they have lost the love of someone they love deeply
  • are suffering from separation anxiety
  • are adopted or fostered children who miss their birth parent terribly

Storybook and Guidebook, softbound


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