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Nifflenoo Called Nevermind Storybook
Helping Children who Bottle Up Their Feelings
by Margot Sunderland

This is one of nine beautifully illustrated books which have been designed to help children aged 4 - 12 who are troubled in their lives. Acting as vehicles to help children think about and connect with their feelings. The series is comprised of nine storybooks, each accompanied by a guidebook linked to the story.

Full Description:   

Story Book
Each time something horrible happens to him he is very brave and simply says never mind. He meets with all kinds of setbacks, bullying and disappointments but each time he just tucks his feelings away and carries on with life. Find out what happens to Nifflenoo and how he begins to understand that his feelings do matter and learns how to both express his feelings and stand up for himself.

Soft bound


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