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Willy and the Wobbly House Storybook
Story for Children who are Anxious or Obsessional
by Margot Sunderland

This is one of nine beautifully illustrated books which have been designed to help children aged 4 - 12 who are troubled in their lives. Acting as vehicles to help children think about and connect with their feelings. The series is comprised of nine storybooks, each accompanied by a guidebook linked to the story.

Full Description:   

Story Book
Willy is an anxious boy who experiences the world as a very unsafe, wobbly place where anything awful might happen at any time. How, the boy next door, is too ordered and tidy to be able to ever really enjoy life. Follow their adventures with the Puddle People who help them break out of their fixed patterns and find far richer way to living.

spiral bound


table of content

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