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Social Skills Programmes
An Integrated Approach from Early Years to Adolescence
by Maureen Aarons & Terssa Gittens

Programmes introduce children to good attention behaviour, which includes looking, listening and turn taking. Alll sessions are photocopiable.

Full Description:   

Following on from Autism, this new publication contains detailed photocopiable session plans for early years, infants, juniors and adolescents.

  • Emphasises intergrated working practices that cross professional boundaries.
  • The session plans are very flexible; they can be used as presented, or adjected to include aspects of the national curriculum or to meet the needs of particular goups in both clinical and educational settings.
  • Primarily for able and verbal children with an autistic spectrum disorder, the programmes are relevant to the needs of a much wider group of children than those with a formal diagnosis.
  • At the early-years level the programme introduces children to good attention behaviour, which includes looking, listening and turn-taking. By adolescence, the participants are helped to deal effectively with real-life situations, as well as gaining some insight into the thoughts, perspectives and intentions of others.
  • Reflects the current focus for integrating children with special needs into mainstream education.

This stimulating and innovative approach to social skills training, encourages integrated working practice between speech & language therapy and education, provides social skills programmes, each of ten sessions, for children of different ages from early years to adolescence.

From the same authors Autism: A Social Skills Approach for Children & Adolescents

wire bound, illustrated


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