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Creative Drama in Groupwork

by Sue Jennings

This book is a comprehensive guide which will enable all those involved in groupwork to run drama sessions effectively and enjoyably.

Full Description:   

This book is a comprehensive guide which will enable all those involved in groupwork to run drama sessions effectively and enjoyably.

It is divided into two distinct but complementary sections:

  • Part I contains sound advice on how to identify aims and objectives of a new group, how to set about starting a group, and how to plan drama work in detail.
  • Part II describes over 150 drama activities for use in varying settings with a range of 'client' types and abilities to achieve carefully defined objectives. The section is subdivided into exercises for opening, developing and closing creative drama sessions and a key is provided to assist in the selection of appropriate activities.

    Sample Activity: Improvisation and Role Play

      Simulation - Life and Social Skills

    The leader first encourages the group to discuss why and how it is that people often complain how unfair life is, and how some people appear generally to get things while others do not.

    Members are then divided up and given a scenario to develop.

    A sum of money is potentially available and a panel has responsibility for deciding where and how it should be spent. (Allow sufficient time for rehearsal) Each group has a go at presenting their particular case to the panel who finally arrives at a verdict.

    1. Small group may role play children and parents 'negotiating" over pocket money.
    2. Beggard may try to 'extract' tea money from businessmen
    3. Gypsies may persuade housewives to have their fortunes told.

    202 pages; 8 X 9;spiral bound


      Part I: The Scope & Possiblities of Creative Drama in Groupwork
    • Exploration of Structure and Roles in Group Drama
    • The Focus of Drama Work in Groups
    • Before Setting up a Group
    • Supervision and Training
    • Planning and Preparation
    • Equipment
    • Negotiating a Contract
    • Opening a Session
    • Developing a Session
    • Closing a Session
    • References
      Part II: Creative Drama Methods
    • Opening Phase: Creative Drama Methods: Warm Ups and Starters
      1. Names
      2. Trust
      3. Physical
      4. Breathing and Vocal
      5. feelings
      6. Action/Interaction
    • Development Phase: Games
      1. Co-operative
      2. Competitive
      3. Concentration
      4. Guessing/Memory
      5. Conceptual
      6. Community
    • Improvisation and Role Play
      1. Role Play Preparation
      2. Improvisation
      3. Simulation- Life and Social Skills
      4. Family Role Play
    • Visual Dynamics
      1. Sculting
      2. Spectograms
      3. Pictograms
      4. Family Trees
      5. Masks
    • Closure Phase
      1. De=Rolling
      2. Relaxation
      3. Guided Focus
      4. Feedback
      5. Movement
      6. Diaries
      7. Ritual
    • Appedix
    • Notes

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