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Therapeutic Groupwork with Children

by Joost Drost & Sydney Bayley

This hands-on workbook, written by a clinical psychologist and an educational psychologist, is an invaluable resource for all professionals who work with young children, both in clinics and schools, including teachers, activity leaders and therapists.

Full Description:   

Therapeutic Groupwork with Children opens with a description of the book's basis in humanistic philosophy, a discussion of the role of group leaders, and how to start and run a group. It discusses how to embed the group in its context and evaluate its effects, as well as providing an overview of group literature for children up to the age of eleven.

Contains 40 varied group activities, some original and some more well known, each with clear guidelines, photocopiable worksheets and anecdotal evaluations.

Guidance is given on how to use the activities in a pick-and-mix approach, with a gradual build up from simple listening and turn-taking exercises to empathy, problem-solving and dealing with emotions.

Divided into activities for infants and juniors, they are designed to use different skills including verbal, non-verbal, trust, imagination and physical. Using these activities in a group setting will create an environment where children feel listened to, accepted and valued, and in which they can grow emotionally.

Sprial Bound, Reproducable


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