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PETAL: Phonological Evaluation & Transcription of Audio-Visual Language

by Ann Parker, Speech & Language Therapist

PETAL is a tool for describing speech production patterns of children and adults in relation to factors which may enhance or impede speech intelligibility.

Full Description:   

Detailed assessment, related to intelligibility and communicative context, of the phonetic and phonological features of the speech of an individual speaker, who may be deaf and/or have difficulties with speech production and intelligibility which are related to other causes and contexts.

Detailed description and summary of speech production patterns (related to the speaker's linguistic context, communication requirements and general language skills, as assessed separately, with other procedures if necessary) focusing on phonetic and phonological levels, auditory and visual cues to intelligibility and overall features such as voice quality, pitch and loudness as well as linguistically contrastive features such as intonation, vowel and consonant systems and their phonetic realizations. Comparison if relevant with previous assessment results.

    Examples of use of results
  • Evidence of progress in speech development
  • Description of interrelationships with other relevant forms of communication
  • Decision about whether or not intervention is appropriate at this stage
  • Decision about focus for planned intervention with speech patterns themselves, the communicative environment, the skills of listeners, or a combination
  • Planning of the particular focus and structure of speech intervention
  • Assessment of results of previous/current interventions (or non-intervention)
  • Evidence contributing to decisions about policy and resources needed for groups of children and adults
    Stages of assessment
  • Recording with simultaneous transcription: standard sections and selected additional material
  • Further listening, data organization and analysis
  • Description of results and summary of findings in standard format
  • Comparison with previous and other assessment results, if relevant
  • Use of results for relevant decisions

200 page manual; 64 page photocopiable resource book; 7 spiral bound books of line drawings, 3 set of cards all enclosed in a carry around box


Part I - The Petal Handbook

    SECTION 1: Introduction to the PETAL Speech Assessment
    Overview of the Petal Speech Assessment process
    Using the Petal handbook
    What is the Petal speech assessment?
    The development of the Petal speech assessment
    Characteristics of the petal speech assessment
    Who will use the procedure?
    Completion of individual assessments
    Purposes of the petal speech assessment
    A note about the term 'Deaf'
    A note about 'Normal' speech
    Summary of the stages of a petal assessment
    Section 2: Speech & Deafness
    Phonetic & Phonological levels
    Non-segmental features
    Assessing information
    Assessing intonation
    Types of speech production
    Examples of different speakers in the five-type range
    Using the petal speech assessment
    SECTION 3: Recording & Transcribing a Speech Sample
    Summary of the procedure
    Detailed description of the procedure
    The precursors
    Transcription notes: Visual & Audible components of single words
    Decision points
    Options following recording of the precursors
    Checklist of features & systems
    Vowel tests 1 & 2
    The main segmental test
    The reduced segmental test
    Story sequence: Paul's walk
    Intonation test
    Other structured recorded material
    The recording process: further discussion
    Modifications to the basic test procedure
    SECTION 4: Describing the Results of Assessment
    Review of features & Systems for assessment
    Patterns which may be observed from a petal assessment
    Summary: Non-segmental features which may be observed in speech
    Summary: Segmental features
    The petal assessment summary
    APPENDIX A: Making a Good Speech Recording
    Environment for sound recording
    Equipment for an audio-recording
    Recording procedure
    Copying a tape
    Additional considerations when using a video-recorder
    APPENDIX B: Exercises in Assessment
    Exercise 1: Confidence with Speech Recording
    Exercise 2: Transcription & Production Skills
    Exercise 3: Working with Systems
    APPENDIX C: Further Information
    Selected Further Reading
    Chart of the International Phonetic Association

Part II: Assessment Resource Materials

    SECTION 5: Guides & Forms for Use with the PETAL Speech Assessment
    GUIDE A: Overview of the PETAL Speech Assessment Process
    GUIDE B: Summary of the Recording Process for a PETAL Assessment
    GUIDE C: Recording Order for a PETAL Assessment
    GUIDE D: Assessment Checklist
    GUIDE E: Forms for Use with the PETAL Speech Assessment
    Recording notes form
    Summary forms for assessment result
    Transcription forms for sections of the recording
    Phonology worksheets for rearrangement of data
    Story Sequences
    Paul's Walk
    The Dog & Duck
    10 illustrated card sets - consisting of 7 spiral bond & 3 looseleaf sets

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