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Living with Grief: After Sudden Loss
After Sudden Loss
by Edited by Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D.

This book examines the subject of abrupt, unexpected death and its effects on and implication for the survivors left behind. Topics covered include: heart attack and stroke, vehicular crashes, suicide, violent death, disaster, the military and complicated grief, and treatment methods for traumatic loss.

Full Description:   

This book was produced as a companion to the Hospice Foundation of America's third annual teleconference. The Foundation, begun in 1982, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing leadership in the development of hospice and its philosophy of care for terminally ill people. The Foundation conducts educational programs related to hospice, sponsors research on ethical questions as well as the economics of health care at the end-of-life, and serves as a philanthropic presence within the national hospice community.

Close to 90 percent of hospice's in the United States reach beyond their own patients and families to become, in a variety of ways, a community resource on grief and bereavement. That is part of the hospice mission and an important service which the Hospice Foundation of America encourages and tried to support.


  1. Journey of a Young Widow - by Victoria Cummock
  2. After Heart Attack and Stroke - by Stephen P. Hersh
  3. America's Number One Killer: Vehicular Crashes - by Janice Harris Lord
  4. Survivors of Suicide - by Judith Stillion
  5. Sudden Violent Death - by Lula Redmond
  6. Complicated Grief in the Military - by Bonnie Carroll, Lisa Hudson, Dianne Ruby
  7. Traumatic Death: Treatment Implications - by Charles Figley
  8. Social Psychological Aspects of Disaster Death - by Vanderlyn Pine
  9. Grief Counseling for Survivors of Traumatic Loss - by Dana Cable
  10. Using Funeral Rituals to Help Survivors - by O. Duane Weeks
  11. Complications in Mourning Traumatic Death - by Masculine Grief - by Terry Martin and Kenneth J. Doka
  12. Law Enforcement and EMS Personnel - by Lois Chapman Dick
  13. Spiritual Support After a Sudden Loss - by Earl A. Grollman
  14. Sudden Death: How the Media Can Help - by Brian Kates
  15. The Response of Schools and Teachers - by Robert Stevenson
  16. Government's Role in Disaster Response - by Laura W. Boyd
  17. An Annotated Resource List on Traumatic Loss - by Mary Beth Williams with the assistance of Michelle Ledbatter

260 pages; 6 X 9;soft bound


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