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Anger Disorders: Definition, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Definition, Diagnosis, and Treatment
by Howard Kassinove, Ph.D.

This book is intended to be useful to persons who work professionally with anger clients, and who want to use comprehensive treatment methods based on scientific knowledge and understanding of anger. It provides scientifically based information that can be used in treatment.

Full Description:   

Anger is a daily experience encountered in a number of interpersonal, family, and occupational situations. It can be expressed outwardly, held in, or controlled and resolved. Expressed anger may lead to negative evaluations by others, a negative self-concept and low self-esteem, interpersonal, occupational, and family conflict, and mild to severe aggression. Anger which is held in may be related to medical conditions such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, and cancer. Regrettably, techniques for anger resolution are relatively unstudied, and some researchers have called anger the "forgotten emotion." However, since the detrimental effects of anger have been known for a long time, it is no surprise that anger is a common force that leads people to seek professional help.

As with many phenomena of scientific and clinical interest, different persepctives exist. This book reviews many of the facts and theories of anger. Anger is differentiated from annoyance, fury, rage, hostility, and the behaviors of aggression and violence. Attention is given to understand anger both as a normal experience and as a clinical disorder, and specific anger diagnoses are presented to describe disruptive anger states and traits. Anger in criminal populations is discussed, and behavior-analytic, cognitive-constructivist, and cross-cultural perspectives are presented in detail. Following a meta-analysis of the effectiveness of published treatments, two chapters present "ideal" therapy programs for adults and childhood/adolescent anger disorders. Finally, a model is presented to help understand anger development and resolution.

235 pages; 6 X 9;soft bound


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