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Helping Teens Work Through Grief

by Mary Kelly Perschy, M.S.

This manual is written for adults who are looking to connect with grieving teens. The activities will give you structure to enable teens to reflect upon and talk about their individual concerns.

Full Description:   

Teens who have experienced the death of a parent, grandparent, friend or relative often find it difficult to grieve openly. When adults whom teens trust are aware of the cycle of grief, they can provide a safe atmosphere to allow teens to experience the turmoil of the intense and conflicting emotions in order to move toward healing. This book is a valuable guide to help adults connect with grieving teens.

The reader will find background information, along with many specific activities to help teens reflect upon and talk about their particular concerns. There are also ideas for creating a balance as the teen adjusts to the many changes brought by the loss of someone close. Issues of grief are introduced through drawing, molding clay, painting, movement, writing, listening to music, as well as talking in pairs and as a group. This wide variety of activities allows the adults to choose whatever activities are most appropriate for a particular group.

This resource provides busy teachers, counselors, psychologists, hospice personnel, and religious youth workers with the necessary information to work with teens in a group setting or support an individual teen touched by grief. In a less formal setting, this book could serve as a guide for a concerned neighbor or family memeber who already has a rapport with a grieving teen on the healing journey toward wholeness.

141 pages; 8 1/2 X 11;soft bound


  • Chapter 1: Teens and the Grieving Process
    Teen Years: Thunderstowms and Tightropes
    The Process of Grief
    The Grieving Teen
  • Chapter 2: The Value of a Group in Dealing with Grief
    Why a Group?
    What Type of Group?
    Teen Grief Support: Goal and Objectives
    Using Theses Ideas with an Individual teen
  • Chapter 3: Leaders of a Grief Group
    Why Have Co-leaders?
  • Chapter 4: Parents' Roles
    How can Parents be Helpful to their Grieving Teens?
    How can Parents be Helpful Also?
    Provide a Parent Group Also
  • Chapter 5: Preparation for the Group
    Publicizing the Group
    Interview and Registration
    Don't Forget the Snacks
  • Chapter 6: Framework for the Sessions
    Group Design
    The First Two Meetings
    The Middle Meetings
    Closure: SSaying: Good-bye to the Group
  • Chapter 7: Helping Teens Connect
    Activity 7.1 Getting to Know You
    Activity 7.2 My Coat of Arms
    Activity 7.3 Questions for Teens
    Activity 7.4 Mirroring
  • Chapter 8: Learning About Grief
    Activity 8.1 Helps in Moving Through Your Grief
    Activity 8.2 Choosing to Work Through Your Grief
  • Chapter 9: Creating a Balance
    Activity 9.1 Achieving a Balance
    Activity 9.2 Clearing a Space
    Activity 9.3 The Present
    Activity 9.4 The Hot-Air Balloon
    Activity 9.5 How My Life Has Changed
    Activity 9.6 Two Aspects of Grief
  • Chapter 10: Grappling With and Moving Through the Pain
    Activity 10.1 No Where to Run
    Activity 10.2 Crazy Grief
    Activity 10.3 Dealing with Anger
    Activity 10.4 Delaing with Guilt
    Activity 10.5 Focusing: Being with feelings in a Caring Way
    Activity 10.6 Expressing Grief Through Visual Arts
    Activity 10.7 Write Through Grief
    Activity 10.8 Expressing Grief Through Music
    Activity 10.9 Memorializing a Loved One in a Fabric Wallhanging or Quilt
  • Chapter 11: Remembering the Person Who Died
    Activity 11.1 Telling One's Story
    Activity 11.2 Sharing a Memento
    Activity 11.3 Commemorating a Special Life
    Activity 11.4 Holidays and Grief
  • Chapter 12 Completing the Group Wxperience
    Activity 12.1 Support in My Life
    Activity 12.2 Closing Ceremony of Tribute
    Activity 12.3 Reflections about the Group
    Activity 12.4 Saying Good-Bye
  • Chapter 13: Evaluation
    Evaluation #1
    Evaluation #2
    Evaluation #3
  • Chapter 14 Providing Follow-Up
    Beyong the Group Meetings
    How to Detemine When Additional Help Is Needed

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