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Rebels with a Cause
Working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques
by Mario Cossa

Rebels with a Cause is a comprehensive guide to working with adolescents using action techniques and dramatherapy.

Full Description:   

Rebels with a Cause is a comprehensive guide to working with adolescents using action techniques and dramatherapy. Drawing on years of experience working with adolescents and of training practitioners in the field, Cossa provides a tried-and-tested model for working with adolescents in groups. Utilizing techniques found in psychodrama, sociodrama, dramatherapy and sociometry, Cossa offers step-by-step practical guidelines on running a group development programme and summarizes the supporting theory in easy-to-understand language. He offers advice on facilitating group and personal development, and also on working with particular groups of adolescents, for example those with developmental disabilities or from different cultures. This illuminating and accessible book provides invaluable insight into working successfully - and enjoyably - with adolescent groups. It is essential reading for practicing therapists and anyone working with adolescents in therapeutic settings.

234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp


  • Acknowledgements.
  • Foreword by Zerka Moreno.
  • Preface. Introduction.
  • Part I: Warm-up: Philosophical and Theoretical Basis.
  • Chapter 1: Adolescents in Action.
  • Chapter 2: Viewing Adolescence from A Developmental Perspective.
  • Chapter 3: The Therapeutic SpiralTM as a Framework for Working with Adolescent Groups.
  • Chapter 4: Leadership and Group Norms.
  • Part II: Action: Utilizing Action Techniques at Various Stages of Group Development.
  • Chapter 5: Action Techniques for the Beginning Stage.
  • Chapter 6: Action Techniques for the Transition Stage.
  • Chapter 7: Action Techniques for the Working Group.
  • Chapter 8: Action Techniques for Termination.
  • Part III: Sharing: Other Applications of Action Techniques and their Implementation.
  • Chapter 9: Adapting Action Techniques to the Population and Setting.
  • Chapter 10: Practical Considerations for Developing and Implementing Adolescent Action Groups.
  • Appendix A: Sample Information Pack for Participants and Families.
  • Appendix B: Sample Intake and Permission Forms.
  • Appendix C: Sample Group Norms.
  • Appendix D: Other Ideas for Opening and Closing Circles, Warm-ups, Cool-downs, and De-roling.
  • References.
  • Index.

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