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Parenting Ideas 1

by Michael Grose

These 24 scripted sheets are a great way for teachers to provide guidance to parents about possible situations they may encounter with their kids. The information contained in these photocopiable masters is easy-to-read, practical and road tested.

Full Description:   

Parents are always looking for guidance and ideas on the difficult task of raising children and often they turn to schools and other community organizations for help. It is difficult advising parents. Teachers wanting to help are often concerned about over-stepping their roles. Where should they start?

Parenting Ideas 1 sheets are a great way to provide parents with the help and guidance about some of the issues and even problems that they may encounter. Sometimes a suggestion or two or another persective can be just what parents need. The information contained in these photocopiable masters is easy-to-read, practical and thoroughly road-tested by experts - other parents.

    How can Parenting Ideas be used?
  • When parents express concern about a particular issue, hand them a relevant sheet. Invite them to read it at home, and be available to follow up with discussion and further assistance.
  • Send sheets home on a regular basis.
  • Use the sheets to stimulate discussion at parenting programs and forums.
  • Use them as take-home material following parent information evenings.

Softbound, cardsheets, laminated


  • Sheet 1: Talking to kids
  • Sheet 2: Working and Parenting
  • Sheet 3: Encouraging children
  • Sheet 4: Beating the bedtime blues
  • Sheet 5: Discipline (is not a dirty word)
  • Sheet 6: Bullying
  • Sheet 7: Promoting independence
  • Sheet 8: Developing self-esteem
  • Sheet 9: Helping at Home
  • Sheet 10: Sibling rivalry
  • Sheet 11: Helping children learn
  • Sheet 12: Attention-seeking (or just acting up)
  • Sheet 13: Taming the tantrums
  • Sheet 14: Sharing (it doesn't come naturally
  • Sheet 15: Television
  • Sheet 16: Supermarket shopping
  • Sheet 17: Pocket money
  • Sheet 18: Morning madness
  • Sheet 19: Family meeting
  • Sheet 20: Helping with homework
  • Sheet 21: Help! My child is becoming an adolescent!
  • Sheet 22: Swearing
  • Sheet 23: Fathers are parents too!
  • Sheet 24: Helping children deal with fears

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