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Military Neuropsychology

by Carrie Kennedy, PhD and Jeffrey Moore, PhD

This text covers the unique features of neuropsychological evaluations in the military.

Full Description:   

This text covers the unique features of neuropsychological evaluations in the military. The author presents a thorough examination of the assessment needs of various military populations, with a special emphasis on traumatic brain injury, and the neurocognitive aspects of stress-related problems, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and decision-making under stress. The chapters of the book are designed to integrate theory and application, and include case study examples as well as a comprehensive review of the latest research.

    Key features:
  • Discusses the development of neuropsychology and its advances in the military
  • Presents methods of dealing with military issues, such as head injuries, HIV, PTSD, learning disorders, and more
  • Explains the importance of baseline testing, stress research, and multiple brain injury rehabilitation techniques

432 pp., Hardcover

ISBN: 9780826104489

  • Chapter 1: A History and Introduction to Military Neuropsychology
  • Chapter 2: Ethical Issues in Military Neuropsychology
  • Chapter 3: Fitness for Duty
  • Chapter 4: Noncredible Neuropsychological Presentation in Service Members and Veterans
  • Chapter 5: Blast Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Chapter 6: Acute Battlefield Assessment of Concussion/mildTBI and Return to Duty Evaluations
  • Chapter 7: Head Injury Rehabilitation of Military Members
  • Chapter 8: ADHD and Learning Disorders
  • Chapter 9: HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders in the Military
  • Chapter 10: The Neuropsychological Functioning of Prisoners of War Following Repatriation
  • Chapter 11: Cognitive Sequelae of Sustained Operations
  • Chapter 12: Neuropsychological Correlates of PTSD: A Military Perspective
  • Chapter 13: Cognition and Decision-Making in Extreme Environments
  • Chapter 14: The Future of Military Neuropsychology

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