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Healing Crisis and Trauma with Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Barbara Rubin Wainrib, EdD

This book offers the educator and the practitioner training methods, exercises, and intervention techniques applicable to the gamut of experiences that we currently encounter.

Full Description:   

We live in a changed world, a world where the enemy is no longer in uniform on the other side of a trench. There is no longer an identified "war zone" and the "enemy" may be the innocent looking person standing next to us. Clear boundaries and an assumption of safety no longer exist.

Learning new skills to address the injuries incurred by sudden trauma and unpredictable lives is essential. This book is written for those persons in the "helping professions." It is also written for those who have a sufficient understanding of psychology and a sufficient awareness of our current world, and want to gain some knowledge about being helpful.

This book offers the educator and the practitioner training methods, exercises, and intervention techniques applicable to the gamut of experiences that we currently encounter. It also will introduce readers to newer concepts and their applications such as role play, spirituality, the role of animals in healing, and the concept of forgiveness. Throughout the book, whether it is in those who represent the highly resilient or those who continue to struggle, a strengths perspective is emphasized. Finally, this book describes the "Phoenix Phenomenon", a concept Wainrib developed during the course of her teaching and practice, which articulates and illustrates an inherent ability to use resilience in the process of converting pain into growth.

168 pp., Softcover

ISBN: 9780826132451

  • Introduction: Review of the General Crisis Response Acknowledging Trauma Historical Background: Men, Women, and Trauma Mass Traumas
  • 2.UNDERSTANDING TRAUMA AND ITS IMPACT September 11, 2001: The Psychological Experience: Reaction and Response Are We All Victims? Understanding Reactions Your Reaction Understanding Trauma Vicarious Traumatization Secondary Victims
  • 3.MASS TRAUMA, PAST AND PRESENT Part One: Mass Trauma, Past and Present The Impact of Mass Trauma Genocide The Gacaca Process Ten Years Later Creating Hope Aging Victims of Mass Trauma Treating Survivors Long Term Impact of Mass Trauma Part Two: Tsunami! Part Three: Who Am I? Lost Identity of Child Trauma Victims: Are We Recreating This Phenomenon?
  • 4.WOMEN AND TRAUMA Why "Women and Trauma"? Statisitics, Women, and Trauma The Women and Trauma Project Trauma and Women's Health Women, Trauma, and the Military Homelessness The Women of Omarska The Trauma of Forced Migration and War Diversity "Peacekeepers"?
  • 5.TRAUMA FROM WITHIN: LIFE THREATENING ILLNESS Impact and Role Change of Therapist Cancer as Trauma Population and Treating Modalities Working with Cancer Patients: Patients' Needs and Therapists' Skills Gender, Family Systems and Trauma Palliative Care and Facing Death
  • 6.RESILIENCE AND THE PHOENIX PHENOMENON The Phoenix Phenomenon Phoenixes Amongst Us John's Story Jeff's Story Senator Max Clelland's Story Creating Resilience What Creates "A Phoenix'? Toughness/Hardiness Positive Change Following Trauma The "Second Disaster" Phoenixes Rising From 9-11
  • 7.TRAUMA AND THE MIND Part One: Experiencing Trauma Prevalence of Trauma: New Roots, Old Roots Importance af Early Assessment For PTSD Part Two: Healing Trauma's Fallout Current Information on Treatments and Controversies: The Controversy Over Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Hypnosis Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Acute Interventions After Disaster Compassion Fatigue Care for the Caregivers Preventive Interventions Other Resources
  • 8.TRAUMA AND THE BODY First Do No Harm: Creating a Safe Place The Body Remembers The Body as a Safe Place Choosing Life Exercises Other Healing and Affirming Exercises
  • 9.SPIRITUALITY AND TRAUMA Part One: Defining and Understanding Spirituality's Role in Trauma Part Two: Therapeutic Spirituality: Applying Spirituality to Traumatic Situations
  • 10.NEW SOURCES OF HEALING Part One: Healing the Healers Assessing Your Own Resources Defining Healing Part Two: Reaching Out To Communities Using the Media in Healing Political Unrest: The Quebec Referendum and the Anglophone The Clergy Connection Part Three: Animals and Healing
  • 11.FORGIVENESS Thoughts About Forgiveness Movements Towards Forgiveness Physiological Components of Forgiveness Popularity of the Concept of Forgiveness When Forgiveness Backfires

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