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Staying in Control
Anger Management Skills for Parents of Young Adolescents
by Dr. Millicent Kellner

This book shows parents how to handle angry moments with their teens and how to deal with anger in the workplace, with partners and relatives, and in other areas of their lives.

Full Description:   

Adolescence can be a perilous time for many parents and teens especially young teens. As the need for independence asserts itself, conflict and anger inevitably arise. This new, hands-on manual shows parents how to remain calm and "stay in control" as they handle angry moments with their teens and in other areas of their lives. Specific exercises and step-by-step anger logs help parents identify their anger triggers and choose positive ways to respond in anger-provoking situations. Mental health professionals will find this manual to be extremely useful when working on anger issues in individual, family, or group counseling.

  • Introduction
  • Anger Management Checklist
  • Physiology of Anger
  • My Physiological Signs of Anger
  • Anger Log #1
  • Anger Triggers and Settings
  • My Anger Triggers
  • My Anger Settings
  • Anger Log #2
  • Degrees of Anger
  • Anger Log #3
  • Thinking and Behavioral Tools
  • My Self-Statements
  • Self-Statement Exercise
  • People to Help Me Talk Things Out
  • Anger Log #4
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Anger Log #5
  • The Anger Management Plan
  • My Anger Management Plan
  • Final Anger Log
  • Anger, Alcohol, and Drugs
  • Staying in Control
  • Anger Management Checklist



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