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101 Great Games & Activities

by edited by Arthur VanGundy

Arthur VanGundy has assembled 101 original games and activities guaranteed to satisfy almost every conceivable training need. The activities are organized into twenty different categories, representing a variety of topics.

Full Description:   

Arthur VanGundy has assembled 101 original games and activities guaranteed to satisfy almost every conceivable training need. The activities are organized into twenty different categories, representing a variety of training topics. They range from icebreakers, climate-settings, and getting-acquainted activities to diversity, team-building, evaluation, and implementation activities. The differing backgrounds of the contributors adds variety that is not possible when activities are written by one or two authors alone.

VanGundy has covered all the bases:

  • You want icebreakers? They're here!
  • You want leadership and team-building activities? They're here!
  • You want interviewing, and goal-setting, and change management games? They're here!
  • You want negotiation, and problem-solving, and career development exercises? They're here!
It's all here! You'll know exactly when, why, and how to use every activity. Plus, you get a detailed activity selection matrix that facilitates your finding, the perfect training tool. So whether you are a pro trainer, or a novice trainer, or not a trainer at all, you'll quickly incorporate these electrifying designs into your sessions, workshops, meetings, and presentations.

These dynamic exercises are accompanied by:

  • Concise objectives
  • Recommended uses
  • Suggested audience
  • Required time
  • Necessary materials
  • Detailed procedures
  • Potential discussion topics
  • Possible variations

This manual is housed in an easy-to-photocopy looseleaf format. Over 100 focused, content-reinforcing games and activities distributed among 20 fundamental training topics.

Sample Activity

  • To help participants to get to know one another
  • To create a nonthreatening environment in which everyone can participate
    This activity is designed to use with new small groups of four or five participants each.
    Any number of participants who do not know one another well.
    Ten to fifteen minutes
    Handouts, Materials, and Equipment
  • A copy of the Let's Get To Know One Another Handout for each participant
  • An overhead transparency of the Let's Get To Know One Another Handout
  • An overhead projector
  • Pens or pencils for each participant
  1. Welcome the participants and note that people learn most effectively in a supportive and familiar environment.
  2. Introduce the activity as a way for people to get to know one another.
  3. Distribute a copy of the Let's Get To Know One Another Handout and a pen or pencil to each particpant.
  4. Tell the participants that they have ten minutes to mill around the room, asking others all of the questions on the handout and filling in people's names and answers. Ask them to interview as many people as possible and to ask each person at least two different questions. Tell them not to volunteer information, but to wait to be asked.
  5. At the end of ten minutes, display the overhead of the questions and go around the room and have people tell the group any new information they have learned about fellow participants. Post answers on the transparency sheet.
    Ask particpants whether the type of information they have collected will make it easier for them to work together as a team. Lead a discussion of ways they can use what they have learned about one another during the program.
    The facilitator can develop his or her list of questions, either directly relevant to the worshop topic or some combination of related and unrelated informaiton.

348 pages; 11 X 12;three ring hard bound binder


    Career Development
    Occupational Grab Bag
    Road Maps
    Change Management
    Broomstick Demonstration
    Creating Aim
    Helping Others Deal with Change
    Clarifying Expectations
    Guaranteed to Fail
    The Tie That Binds
    We've Got Rhythm
    Wall Murals
    Climate Setting
    Bond and Connect
    Feather Talk
    Vanity Plates
    Do You Hear What I Play?
    Incredible Difficulty of Communicating Simple Ideas
    Influence, Not Authority
    It's Crystal Clear to Me
    Language Bias
    Belt It Out
    It Just Doesn't Add Up
    More Ideas Than You!
    Promoting and Selling Ideas
    That's the Worst Idea I've Ever Heard!
    Think About It
    Divided or Diversity?
    I Believe
    It's a Man's World After All
    Music Machine
    Under the Sea
    Valuing Diversity
    Box of Life
    Go Team! RAH!
    Hands on Networking
    Hugs and Kisses
    Meet and Greet
    What's My Line?
    Benchmarking Team Feelings
    Phrase Phases
    Pieces of the Puzzle
    Showing What We Have Learned
    Stand by Me
    Getting To Know You
    Cartoon Time
    Comic Relief
    Let's Connect!
    Let's Get to Know One Another
    Light, Medium, or Heavy
    Picture That
    Who are these People?
    Goal Setting
    Goal Pictures
    New Hires
    Personal Mission Statement
    S.M.A.R.T. Basketball
    Boxes of Your Life
    Corporate Jester
    KNOWU Cards
    Five Double You's
    Mental rehearsal
    Sandwich To Go
    Taking Ownership of New Ideas
    Baptist by Fire
    Empowered to Know
    Group Interviewing Criteria
    More Than One Way To Skin a Question
    Taking Charge
    Follow the World Leader
    It All Depends
    Leadership Inventory
    There Must Be a Leader in This Group
    Been There, Said That
    Say What?
    Talking Stick
    Will We or Won't We
    How to Win Over the Boss
    More Similar Than Different
    Saucy Deal
    Problem Solving
    I Never Thought of It That Way!
    Pipe Cleaner Challenge
    Problem As Solution to Another Problem
    Things That Rhyme
    Whole-Brain Writing
    Team Building
    Excuuuse Me!
    Get on the Coapbox
    Relationship Map
    Role Observation Illumination
    Secret Coaches
    Six Pack
    Values Roll Call
    Value Valuation
    Why? Why? Why?
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