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Winning at Loss


This therapeutic and educational board game is designed to help guide children through their grief.

Full Description:   

Winning at Loss is a therapeutic and educational board game designed to help guide children through their grief. The game contains mostly open-ended questions that encourage children to open up and share their feelings and beliefs. In the game players navigate up and down five mountains that represent the stages of grief. Alternately, if your program does not utilize stages, the card decks and mountains become simply categories of questions.

    The stages or categories are:
  • Dealing with the shock
  • Admitting the reality of the loss
  • Feeling the pain of loss Adjusting to life after loss
  • Rebuilding for the future

In addition to the four groups of questions mentioned above, there is a fifth deck with true-false questions that give important information on the grieving process and Play cards that have the players do silly things to break up the seriousness of the subject matter.

A great strength is the game s ability to get kids who tend to pass to open up and share their feelings. The game also helps players move beyond the present and become familiar with the changes and adjustments needed for rebuilding their lives. The game works in a small group setting or with a larger group using multiple copies of the game. Facilitators have found that if parents are present, they can play the game in separate adults-only groups. Not only do they have a positive experience, but they also have the shared experience with their kids and can discuss what they learned from the game afterwards.

There are separate decks of easier cards for grades K - 3. There are also two sets of rules: one focuses on the stages and one refers to the decks of cards as categories of questions, but not as stages of grief. The game comes with a facilitator s booklet with lesson plans and questions for a post-game discussion.

Playing time: flexible - from 45 minutes to two hours

Grades K -8 (Appropriate for parents who attend grief sessions with their children.)

Learning Objectives - Players:

  • 1. Gain insight into the grieving process and, if a focus of your group, the stages of grief through which people generally pass.
  • 2. Feel less overwhelmed by the loss and start to see a path through their grief.
  • 3. Learn that the grieving process involves strong feelings, including anger and sadness, and that these feelings are normal and part of the process of grieving.
  • 4. Learn of the importance of adjusting their lives to the new circumstances and of moving on and rebuilding their lives.
  • 5. Feel more optimistic about their lives and their ability to succeed in life.


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