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Military Psychology: Clinical and Operational Applications

by Edited by Carrie H. Kennedy and Eric A. Zillmer

Expert contributors describe the ins and outs of working within the military system and offer guidelines for effective, ethical practice. Among the clinical applications discussed are fitness-for-duty evaluations, suicide risk assessment and prevention, substance abuse treatment, and brief psychotherapy.

Full Description:   

During wartime, the need for mental health professionals intensifies, and the role they play is increasingly important. This comprehensive professional reference and text presents crucial knowledge for anyone who provides direct psychological services or consultation to military, law enforcement, or intelligence personnel, or who works to enhance operational readiness. Expert contributors describe the ins and outs of working within the military system and offer guidelines for effective, ethical practice. Among the clinical applications discussed are fitness-for-duty evaluations, suicide risk assessment and prevention, substance abuse treatment, and brief psychotherapy. Operational applications include such topics as combat stress, survival training, hostage negotiation, and understanding terrorist motivation.

"A wide range of expert contributors present crucial knowledge to professionals providing psychological services for military and intelligence personnel, or working to enhance operational readiness....The most up-to-date guide to the practice of psychology in the military....The most important aspect of this reference book is its application-oriented approach to military not only reflects the current fields of military psychological activity but also points out to areas where military leaders should take heed of military psychologists' advice. I'm certain that this up-to-date compendium on military and operational psychology will prove itself a useful tool in the hands of any military psychologist on active duty."
-Armed Forces and Society
"A straightforward and succinct guide into the assessment and treatment of modern service members....Compelling reading on the psychological aspects of contemporary issues faced in the War on Terror. It would surely be useful not only to practitioners of psychology in today's armed forces, but also to clinicians and leaders in a variety of circumstances whose work brings them into contact with service members. The book covers clinical and operational psychology in rich detail but without relinquishing its survey-like coverage of individually focused topics....It is a handy reference on historic and present-day issues alike....Not only have the insights I gained from Military Psychology found their way into my current lesson plans, but they have given me pause to reflect on the future directions of Military Psychology....I highly recommend Military Psychology: Clinical and Operational Applications whether you are actively involved in the practice of psychology, or just curious about the benefits it has to offer leaders who better understand it."
-The Military Psychologist: The Official Newsletter of Division 19 of the APA
"Here is the definitive guide to the practice of psychology in military environments. Finally, practitioners--both uniformed and civilian--have a thorough yet practice-oriented, one-stop resource for effective and ethical practice in military settings. From recognized leaders in the field, this handbook sets a new standard of practice by concisely distilling essential elements of fitness-for-duty evaluations, brief interventions, suicide prevention, combat stress intervention, and health promotion. Of equal importance, it is the first volume to articulate the parameters of practice in operational environments, covering new terrain in the areas of operational consultation, survival training, weapons of mass destruction, terrorist psychology, hostage negotiation, and disaster response. This cutting-edge book belongs in the arsenal of every military clinician."
-W. Brad Johnson, PhD, Department of Psychology, U.S. Naval Academy; past president, Society for Military Psychology

400 Pages, Size: 6" x 9"


1. A History of Military Psychology, Carrie H. Kennedy and Jeffrey A. McNeil

I. Clinical Practice in the Military

2. Introduction to Clinical Military Psychology, Frank C. Budd and Carrie H. Kennedy

3. Military Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation, Frank C. Budd and Sally Harvey

4. Brief Psychotherapy in the U.S. Military: Principles and Applications, J.D. Ball and Thomas H. Peake

5. Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine in Military Healthcare Settings, Alan L. Peterson

6. Neuropsychological Practice in the Military, Laurie M. Ryan, Thomas M. Zazeckis, Louis M. French, and Sally Harvey

7. Suicide Prevention in the Military, David E. Jones, Kevin R. Kennedy, and Laurel L. Hourani

8. Substance Abuse Services and Gambling Treatment in the Military, Carrie H. Kennedy, David E. Jones, and Revonda Grayson

II. Operational Psychology

9. Introduction to Operational Psychology, Thomas J. Williams, James J. Picano, Robert R. Roland, and L. Morgan Banks

10. Combat Stress, Rick L. Campise, Schuyler K. Geller, and Mary E. Campise

11. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Training: Preparing Military Members for the Demands of Captivity, Anthony P. Doran, Gary Hoyt, and Charles A. Morgan III

12. The Psychology of Terrorists: Nazi Perpetrators, the Baader-Meinhof Gang, War Criminals in Bosnia, and Suicide Bombers, Eric A. Zillmer

13. The Psychology of Al Qaeda Terrorists: The Evolution of the Global Salafi Jihad, Marc Sageman

14. The Psychological Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Mark S. Oordt

15. Crisis and Hostage Negotiation, Kirk L. Rowe, Michael G. Gelles, and Russell E. Palarea

16. Psychological Interventions after Disaster or Trauma, Michael A. Borders and Carrie H. Kennedy

17. Assessment and Selection of High-Risk Operational Personnel, James J. Picano, Thomas J. Williams, and Robert R. Roland

18. Future Directions of Military Psychology, John A. Ralph and Morgan T. Sammons

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