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I'm, Like, SO Fat! Helping Your Teen Make Healthy Choices about Eating and Exercise in a Weight-Obsessed World

by Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

Dr. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer shows parents how to strike the difficult balance between bolstering self-esteem and offering constructive advice.

Full Description:   

Hit the gym for a workout--but sit for hours at your computer. Supersize your value meals--but downsize your waistline. Today's media-saturated teenagers are bombarded with mixed messages that distort their self-image and lead many to overeat and others to starve themselves. When "I feel fat" becomes a teen's common refrain, how can worried parents respond constructively? With "I'm, Like, SO Fat!" Dr. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer shows parents how to strike the difficult balance between bolstering self-esteem and offering constructive advice. Drawing on her landmark study, Project EAT (Eating Among Teens), and her experience as a mother of four, Neumark-Sztainer offers a wealth of science-based, practical ideas for instilling healthy eating and exercise habits, educating teens about nutrition and portion size, and talking about body image. Here is a rock-solid foundation that parents everywhere can build on to help their teens stay fit, eat well, and feel good about their looks in a world where too-perfect bodies are used to sell everything from cosmetic surgery to fast food.

"The pages of this book are packed with one good idea after another. In a scientifically sound and caring way, Dr. Neumark-Sztainer addresses topics that are central to the health and happiness of all girls and boys in their teenage years."
-Kelly D. Brownell, PhD, Director, Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders

317 Pages, 6 x 9


I. What Are We Up Against...and How Did We Get Here, Anyway?

1. If It's Not One Thing, It's Another: Dealing with a Spectrum of Weight-Related Problems

2. Our Susceptible Teens: What We Know about Causes and Contributing Factors

II. How Can We Protect Our Teens When Society Pushes Fat but Promotes Thin?

3. Parents Matter (a Lot)

4. Friends, Fashions, and Fads

5. Physical Activity: A Big Part of the Moderation

6. The Great Diet Debate

7. The Four Cornerstones of Healthy Weight and Body Image

III. What and How Much Should Teenagers Eat?

8. "I Know How to Diet...I Just Don't Know How to Eat": What Teens Need to Know about Nutrition

9. Portion Control and Calorie Counting: Teaching Teens to Pay Attention without Obsessing

10. Vegetarianism: Doing It Right--for Your Teen and Your Family

IV. How Can We Make a Difference at Home...and Away?

11. Family Meals in a Fast-Food World

12. Eating Out: When Cooking Just Isn't Going to Happen

13. Fluent in the F Words: Talking with Teens about Food, Fat, and Other Touchy Topics

V. What Can We Do When Problems Come Up?

14. Helping an Overweight Teen Be Healthy and Happy

15. How to Spot the Signs of an Eating Disorder and What You Can Do to Help

*Resources for Parents and Teens

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