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Talking with College Students about Alcohol
Motivational Strategies for Reducing Abuse
by Scott T. Walters and John S. Baer

This book offers flexible, readily applicable guidelines for assessing and working with college drinkers.

Full Description:   

Grounded in current best practices, this book offers flexible, readily applicable guidelines for assessing and working with college drinkers. Provided is a wealth of practical advice on interacting with students in a range of contexts, from brief conversations in medical settings to motivational counseling sessions and group interventions. Also described are effective ways to weave alcohol prevention and intervention services into the fabric of campus life. Over a dozen appendices feature reproducible assessment instruments and other indispensable tools, in a large-size format for ease of photocopying and use.

"Walters and Baer have provided a superb resource for anyone who is concerned about college drinking. There is really no other book like it. They offer a clear and evidence-based set of practical tools for everything from a 5-minute chat to programmatic group or individual treatment. Through it all runs a compassionate, person-centered way of talking with students that fosters change rather than defensiveness."
-William R. Miller, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of New Mexico

"Walters and Baer have rendered a daunting topic manageable. This book is essential reading for counselors, student affairs professionals, campus housing personnel, and health care providers. The authors approach is perfectly pitched to the developmental levels and alcohol use patterns of college student populations. Empirically based and practical, this guide presents an approach that is effective."
-Jennifer Rikard, PhD, Coordinator, ASPIRE Program (Alcohol and Other Substances Prevention/Intervention Re-directive Effort), Counseling and Psychological Services, San Diego State University

Pages: 206 + IndexSize: 8" x 10 1/2"


1. What's Happening on Campus?
2. Responding to College Drinking
3. Assessing Drinking and Related Behaviors
4. Style of the Interaction
5. Brief Individual Interactions: Advice and Consultation
6. Extended Individual Interactions
7. Talking with College Drinkers in a Group
8. Service Integration and Training
Appendices A-N: Measures and Clinical Aids

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