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Hiperactivo, Impulsivo, Distra do-- Me conoces? Segunda edici n
Gu a acerca del d ficit atencional para padres, maestros y profesionales
by Jose J. Bauermeister, PhD

With extensive revisions and six all-new chapters, Hiperactivo, Impulsivo, Distra do Me conoces? provides down-to-earth guidance for parents and teachers facing the challenges of ADHD.

Full Description:   

Hiperactivo, Impulsivo, Distra do-- Me conoces? (Hyperactive, Impulsive, Distracted--Do You Know Me?) Segunda edici n (Second Edition) Gu a acerca del d ficit atencional para padres, maestros y profesionales (A Guide to ADHD for Parents, Teachers, and Professionals)

Written specifically for Spanish-speaking parents and teachers, this practical, down-to-earth resource offers essential guidance for helping children with ADD or ADHD. Leading expert Dr. Jos J. Bauermeister distills the latest scientific knowledge about these problems and describes clear steps you can take to build on your child's strengths, find the right treatments, promote school success, and improve behavior both at home and in school. Dr. Bauermeister has devoted his career to working with Hispanic children and families, whose unique experiences and culture are reflected on every page. Special features of this edition include the latest information on medications and when (and when not) to use them, the often-overlooked problem of ADHD in girls, how to explain the disorder to kids, tips to increase self-esteem, and much more.

"Dr. Bauermeister brings to this book his more than 25 years of clinical work with families of children with behavior problems, his substantial research in the field of ADHD, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the vast English literature on ADHD. I highly recommend this book to any family within the large Hispanic culture who is seeking the most accurate, scientifically based, up-to-date, and useful information on ADHD in children. There simply is no better resource than this one for such families."
Russell A. Barkley, PhD, author of Taking Charge of ADHD

6 x 9, 309 pages


Foreword, Russell A. Barkley

Introduction to the Second Edition

I. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

1. Principal Characteristics

2. The Child with ADD, without Hyperactivity (Inattentive)

3. Other Important Characteristics

4. ADD and Immaturity in the Development of Executive Functions

5. Associated Difficulties

6. ADD during the Stages of Development: Some Experiences of Children, Adolescents, and Adults

7. How to Explain ADD: Mutual Influences of Neurobiological and Environmental Factors

8. Assessment and Diagnosis

II. Treatment of ADD

9. Strengthening Self-Esteem

10. Working with Oneself and with the Family

11. Effective Communication

12. Facilitating Appropriate Behavior

13. Management Strategies: Application of Positive Consequences

14. Management Strategies: Application of Negative Consequences

15. Medications

16. Your Child, the School, and You: Guidelines for Parents

17. Your Student, the School, and You: Guidelines for Educators

18. ADD in Girls

19. Guidance for Children and Adolescents

20. Conclusion: Which Is the Best Treatment for ADD?

Epilogue, Appendix, Glossary

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