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Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia

by Edited by Kim T. Mueser and Dilip V. Jeste

Reviewing the breadth of current knowledge on schizophrenia, this handbook provides clear, practical guidelines for effective assessment and treatment in diverse contexts.

Full Description:   

Reviewing the breadth of current knowledge on schizophrenia, this handbook provides clear, practical guidelines for effective assessment and treatment in diverse contexts. Leading authorities have contributed 61 concise chapters on all aspects of the disorder and its clinical management. In lieu of exhaustive literature reviews, each chapter summarizes the current state of the science; highlights key points the busy practitioner needs to know; and lists recommended resources, including seminal research studies, invaluable clinical tools, and more. Comprehensive, authoritative, and timely, the volume will enable professionals in any setting to better understand and help their patients or clients with severe mental illness.

It would not surprise me if this handbook quickly became the 'go-to' book' on schizophrenia for researchers, clinicians, and students. This is one of those rare volumes that combine excellent depth (via the leading schizophrenia researchers in the world) with a breadth of topics that is second to none."
-David L. Penn, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

651 pages, 7 x 10


I. Core Science and Background Information

1. History of Schizophrenia as a Psychiatric Disorder, Helen Lavretsky

2. Epidemiology, David J. Castle and Vera Morgan

3. Biological Theories, Jonathan Downar and Shitij Kapur

4. Brain Imaging, Lisa T. Eyler

5. Neuropathology, Daniel G. Stewart and Kenneth L. Davis

6. Genetics, Stephen J. Glatt

7. Environmental Pre- and Perinatal Influences, Lauren M. Ellman and Tyrone D. Cannon

8. Psychosocial Factors, Paul Bebbington and Elizabeth Kuipers

9. Psychopathology, Ipsit V. Vahia and Carl I. Cohen

10. Cognitive Functioning, Gauri N. Savla, David J. Moore, and Barton W. Palmer

11. Course and Outcome, Heinz H fner and Wolfram an der Heiden

II. Assessment and Diagnosis

12. Diagnostic Interviewing, Abraham Rudnick and David Roe

13. Assessment of Co-Occurring Disorders, Karen Wohlheiter and Lisa Dixon

14. Assessment of Psychosocial Functioning, Tania Lecomte, Marc Corbi re, and Catherine Briand

15. Treatment Planning, Alexander L. Miller and Dawn I. Velligan

III. Somatic Treatment

16. Antipsychotics, Eric C. Kutscher

17. Side Effects of Antipsychotics, Christian R. Dolder

18. Clozapine, Martha Sajatovic, Subramoniam Madhusoodanan, and Matthew A. Fuller

19. Other Medications, Britton Ashley Arey and Stephen R. Marder

20. Electroconvulsive Therapy, Shawn M. McClintock, Najeeb Ranginwala, and Mustafa M. Husain

IV. Psychosocial Treatment

21. Environmental Supports, Dawn I. Velligan and Alexander L. Miller

22. Family Intervention, Christine Barrowclough and Fiona Lobban

23. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Anthony P. Morrison

24. Social Skills Training, Wendy N. Tenhula and Alan S. Bellack

25. Cognitive Rehabilitation, Til Wykes

26. Vocational Rehabilitation, Deborah R. Becker

27. Illness Self-Management Training, Kim T. Mueser and Susan Gingerich

28. Group Therapy, John R. McQuaid

29. Supported Housing, Priscilla Ridgway

30. Self-Help Activities, Frederick J. Frese III

V. Systems of Care

31. Clinical Case Management, Margaret V. Sherrer and Thomas O'Hare

32. Strengths-Based Case Management, Charles A. Rapp and Richard J. Goscha

33. Assertive Community Treatment, Natalie L. DeLuca, Lorna L. Moser, and Gary R. Bond

34. Emergency Room, Inpatient, and Residential Treatment, Mounir Soliman, Antonio M. Santos, and James B. Lohr

35. Treatment in Jails and Prisons, Roger H. Peters, Pattie B. Sherman, and Fred C. Osher

VI. Special Populations and Problems

36. First-Episode Psychosis, Donald Addington and Jean Addington

37. Treatment of the Schizophrenia Prodrome, Barnaby Nelson and Alison Yung

38. Older Individuals, Thomas W. Meeks and Dilip V. Jeste

39. Understanding and Working with Aggression, Violence, and Psychosis, Gillian Haddock and Jennifer J. Shaw

40. Housing Instability and Homelessness, Alan Felix, Dan Herman, and Ezra Susser

41. Medical Comorbidity, Ingrid B. Rystedt and Stephen J. Bartels

42. Intellectual Disability and Other Neuropsychiatric Populations, Richard B. Ferrell and Thomas W. McAllister

43. Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Syndromes, Stanley D. Rosenberg and Kim T. Mueser

44. Management of Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders, David J. Kavanagh

45. Parenting, Joanne Nicholson and Laura Miller

46. Children and Adolescents, John G. Cottone and Sanjiv Kumra

47. Suicide, Marnin J. Heisel

VII. Policy, Legal, and Social Issues

48. The Economics of Schizophrenia, Mihail Samnaliev and Robin E. Clark

49. Involuntary Commitment, Jonathan Bindman and Graham Thornicroft

50. Jail Diversion, Joseph P. Morrissey and Gary S. Cuddeback

51. Stigma, Patrick W. Corrigan and Jonathan E. Larson

52. Evidence-Based Practices, Mathew R. Merrens and Robert E. Drake

53. Schizophrenia in Developing Countries, Vihang N. Vahia and Ipsit V. Vahia

VIII. Special Topics

54. Remission, Bernard A. Fischer IV and William T. Carpenter, Jr.

55. Recovery, David Roe and Larry Davidson

56. Gender, Mary V. Seeman

57. Quality of Life, Stefan Priebe and Walid K. H. Fakhoury

58. Spirituality and Religion, Roger D. Fallot

59. Sexuality, Alex Kopelowicz, Robert Paul Liberman, and Donald Stolar

60. Schizophrenia in African Americans, William B. Lawson

61. Ethics, Abraham Rudnick and Charles Weijer

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