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Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

by Edited by Raymond F. Paloutzian and Crystal L. Park

This comprehensive volume synthesizes the breadth of current knowledge on the psychological processes underlying spirituality, religious behavior, and religious experience.

Full Description:   

From foremost authorities in the field, this comprehensive volume synthesizes the breadth of current knowledge on the psychological processes underlying spirituality, religious behavior, and religious experience. Presented are cutting-edge theories, conceptual frameworks, methodologies, and empirical findings emerging from all psychological subdisciplines. Coverage includes the neural and cognitive bases of religiousness; social, personality, and developmental issues; religion as a meaning system; and implications for behavior, mental health, and clinical practice. Seamlessly edited, the Handbook provides a definitive portrait of the current state of the science, fosters the development of integrative theory, and identifies vital directions for future research.

Pages: 602Size: 7" x 10"


I. Foundations of the Psychology of Religion
1. Integrative Themes in the Current Science of the Psychology of Religion, Raymond F. Paloutzian and Crystal L. Park
2. Religiousness and Spirituality, Brian J. Zinnbauer and Kenneth I. Pargament
3. Measurement in the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality: Current Status and Evaluation, Peter C. Hill
4. Research Methods in the Psychology of Religion, Ralph W. Hood, Jr. and Jacob A. Belzen
5. Psychodynamic Psychologies and Religion: Past, Present, and Future, Jozef Corveleyn and Patrick Luyten
6. Evolutionary Psychology: An Emerging New Foundation for the Psychology of Religion, Lee A. Kirkpatrick
II. Religion through the Developmental Lens
7. Religious and Spiritual Development in Childhood, Chris J. Boyatzis
8. Religious Development from Adolescence to Middle Adulthood, Michael R. Levenson, Carolyn M. Aldwin, and Michelle D'Mello
9. Points of Connection: Gerontology and the Psychology of Religion, Susan H. McFadden
10. Religion's Role in Marriage and Parenting in Daily Life and during Family Crises, Annette Mahoney and Nalini Tarakeshwar
III. Religion and Basic Psychology Subdisciplines
11. The Neuropsychology of Religious and Spiritual Experience, Andrew B. Newberg and Stephanie K. Newberg
12. Cognitive Approaches to Religion, Elizabeth Weiss Ozorak
13. Emotion and Religion, Robert A. Emmons
14. The Role of Personality in Understanding Religious and Spiritual Constructs, Ralph L. Piedmont
15. Religion, Attitudes, and Social Behavior, Michael J. Donahue and Michael E. Nielsen
IV. The Construction and Expression of Religion
16. Religion and Meaning, Crystal L. Park
17. Religious and Spiritual Struggles, Julie Juola Exline and Ephraim Rose
18. Religious Conversion and Spiritual Transformation: A Meaning-System Analysis, Raymond F. Paloutzian
19. Mystical, Spiritual, and Religious Experiences, Ralph W. Hood, Jr.
20. Religious Practice, Ritual, and Prayer, Bernard Spilka
21. Fundamentalism and Authoritarianism, Bob Altemeyer and Bruce Hunsberger
22. Religion and Forgiveness, Michael E. McCullough, Giacomo Bono, and Lindsey M. Root
23. Religion, Morality, and Self-Control: Values, Virtues, and Vices, Anne L. Geyer and Roy F. Baumeister
V. Psychology of Religion and Applied Areas
24. Do Religion and Spirituality Influence Health?, Doug Oman and Carl E. Thoresen
25. Relationships of Religiosity and Spirituality with Mental Health and Psychopathology, Lisa Miller and Brien S. Kelley
26. The Religious Dimension of Coping: Advances in Theory, Research, and Practice, Kenneth I. Pargament, Gene G. Ano, and Amy B. Wachholtz
27. The Psychology of Religion in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Edward P. Shafranske
28. From Advocacy to Science: The Next Steps in Workplace Spirituality Research, Robert A. Giacalone, Carole L. Jurkiewicz, and Louis W. Fry
29. Religious Violence, Terrorism, and Peace: A Meaning-System Analysis, Israela Silberman
30. One Step toward Integration and an Expansive Future, Crystal L. Park and Raymond F. Paloutzian

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