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Modular Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Childhood Anxiety Disorders

by Bruce F. Chorpita

This clinically wise and pragmatic book presents a systematic approach for treating any form of childhood anxiety using proven exposure-based techniques.

Full Description:   

This clinically wise and pragmatic book presents a systematic approach for treating any form of childhood anxiety using proven exposure-based techniques. What makes this rigorously tested modular treatment unique is that it is explicitly designed with flexibility and individualization in mind. Developed in a real-world, highly diverse community mental health context, the treatment can be continually adjusted to target motivational problems, disruptive behavior, family issues, and other frequently encountered clinical roadblocks. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the book includes a detailed case formulation framework, a flexible treatment planning algorithm, and over 90 pages of user-friendly reproducibles.

"Dr. Chorpita scores with this one. Although much has been written about evidence-based practice, in this volume Chorpita demonstrates how it can actually be accomplished in 'real-world' clinical settings. He takes us on a journey that starts with core principles of client engagement and continues through to a clear clinical formulation and the flexible yet informed selection of suitable treatment modules....This volume is scholarly yet immensely practical. It belongs in the armamentarium of anyone who works with anxious and phobic youth and their families."
-Thomas H. Ollendick, PhD, Child Study Center, Department of Psychology, Virginia Tech
"This book is the ideal entry point to evidence-based treatment for clinicians who have been reluctant to adopt manualized approaches. It is also a wonderful teaching tool. Chorpita not only presents background information and tools for cognitive-behavioral treatment of childhood anxiety disorders, but he also takes into account the roadblocks clinicians frequently encounter. He includes modules addressing disruptive behavior, parent behaviors interfering with progress, depression, poor motivation, and social skills deficits, to be used as needed in the service of facilitating anxiety treatment. This book advances the field in presenting an established treatment together with flexible solutions to real-world clinical challenges."
-Margo Thienemann, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University

Pages: 329 + Index, Size: 8" x 10 1/2"


I. Getting Started

1. Why This Manual?

2. About Anxiety

3. Who Needs This Treatment?

4. The Core Treatment Plan

II. The Art of Exposure

5. How to Conduct Exposure

6. Nobody Likes Exposure

7. Skillful Design of Exposure

III. When the Going Gets Tough

8. Basic Concepts of Modular Treatment

9. What Are the Other Modules For?

10. Back to Fundamentals

11. Supporting Families with Low Engagement

IV. Treatment Modules

12. Use of the Modules

Worksheets, Records, and Handouts

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