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Learning and Behavior Problems in Asperger Syndrome

by Edited by Margot Prior

This volume provides research-based, practical information on managing the challenges that Asperger syndrome (AS) presents in everyday life and in the classroom.

Full Description:   

This volume provides research-based, practical information on managing the challenges that Asperger syndrome (AS) presents in everyday life and in the classroom. Current knowledge is reviewed on the core learning, behavioral, emotional, social, and communication difficulties associated with this complex disorder. Hurdles facing children with AS and their parents and teachers are clearly identified, and effective assessment and intervention approaches described. Special features include firsthand accounts from an adult with AS and a teacher with extensive experience in the area, as well as numerous illustrative vignettes and classroom examples. While written primarily for professionals, the volume will also be of interest to many parents.

"Written by an internationally recognized 'who's who' of autism spectrum disorder specialists....[this book] will help all of us better meet the needs and capitalize on the talents of this special group of young people."
-Sally Ozonoff, PhD, MIND Institute, University of California, Davis

"The book contains many fascinating and moving accounts of the problems faced in everyday life by people with AS, and describes ways of helping them to cope. It will be a valuable text for students of psychology, education, and social work, and should be required reading for child psychiatrists and pediatricians. Parents of children with AS, and individuals who have the disorder, may also find the book helpful and encouraging."
-Lorna Wing, MD, Centre for Social and Communication Disorders, British National Autistic Society

"Offers a very helpful summary of diagnostic issues, management approaches for behavior and learning difficulties, and the provision of services in educational settings....Will be of great value to teachers and clinicians alike."
-Fred Volkmar, MD, Yale University School of Medicine

"This book provides a wide-ranging study of many of the complex diagnostic and learning issues in HFA/AS, and it also outlines practical ways in which children and adolescents can be nurtured in school settings. Highly recommended!"
-Autism Association of NSW (Australia)

326 Pages Size: 6" x 9"


Introduction, Margot Prior
I. Assessment and Management of Behavioral and Learning Difficulties
1. Relationship between Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism, Susan Dickerson Mayes and Susan L. Calhoun
2. Cognitive and Academic Problems, Jo-Ann Reitzel and Peter Szatmari
3. Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties, Janine Manjiviona
4. Effects of Language and Communicative Deficits on Learning and Behavior, Helen Tager-Flusberg
5. Understanding Social Difficulties, Michael Shaked and Nurit Yirmiya
6. Understanding and Managing Circumscribed Interests, Tony Attwood
7. Assessment and Treatment of Comorbid Emotional and Behavior Problems, Digby Tantam
II. Asperger Syndrome in the Schools
8. Remembering School, Wendy Lawson
9. Challenges Faced by Teachers Working with Students with Asperger Syndrome, Valerie Gill
10. School-Based Intervention for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties, Rita Jordan
11. The Ideal Classroom, Linda Kunce
12. Longer-Term Educational and Employment Outcomes, Patricia Howlin
13. What Do We Know and Where Should We Go?, Margot Prior

Margot Prior, PhD, FAPS, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Melbourne and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. She has been a lecturer, clinical psychologist, and researcher in the field of family and child development for more than 30 years at several Australian universities, as well as holding visiting appointments at the University of Padua (Italy), the University of London (UK), and the University of Otago (New Zealand). Until 2002, Dr. Prior was Professor/Director of Psychology at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. She has written five books and many scientific papers on psychological disorders in childhood, and is a frequent speaker at national and international scientific meetings. Dr. Prior has specialized in research into behavioral and cognitive aspects of autism and Asperger syndrome (AS), and has produced a film to help parents and teachers understand AS.

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