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Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy

by Edited by Froma Walsh

Filling a crucial void, this volume explores the influences of faith beliefs and practices on suffering, healing, and health.

Full Description:   

Spirituality has long been regarded as "off-limits" in clinical practice, leaving family therapists and counselors uncertain as to how to approach it. Yet the majority of families regard religion as important in their lives, and research has begun to document the psychological and health benefits of faith and congregational support. Further, many who seek help for physical, emotional, or interpersonal problems are also in spiritual distress. Filling a crucial void, this volume explores the influences of faith beliefs and practices on suffering, healing, and health. Leading family therapists describe how attending to this vital dimension of human experience can inform and enrich therapy, illuminate spiritual sources of distress, and help clients tap into wellsprings for resilience and growth.

"This comprehensive book provides a kaleidoscope of shifting images that depict the roles and ramifications of spirituality for both clinicians and their clients. These images are suffused with personal stories that shed light on perspectives derived from a variety of religious/spiritual traditions and orientations. Instructors may find this a useful resource and students as well as professionals will find in its pages information that illuminates the various challenges and opportunities associated with incorporating spiritual sensitivity into the practice of therapy."
-Dorothy S. Becvar, PhD., The Haelan Centers(r), St. Louis, MO

"Walsh and her fine authors have truly made a significant contribution to the field. The structure makes sense; the breadth and depth in each chapter will probably make this a required text in marriage and family therapy training....A bold and essential work."
-Journal of Feminist Family Therapy

"As a seminary professor, many of my students are devoted caregivers (therapists, social workers, nurses) who want to include the spiritual dimension of life in their work. This book [serves as] a unique guide to interdisciplinary theory and practice. A useful text for pastoral psychology and counseling seminars, it would also be valuable for broader use in psychology, social work, and related programs."
-Carolyn Bohler, PhD, RelD, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH

"Read this book for inspiration on your own spiritual path. And leave it on your desk during your next few sessions. It may give you the courage to shoo the lawyers out the door and put the case managers on hold. In the resulting quiet space, you might find in your work with your clients what it is that brings us all together."
-Family Therapy Networker

"This timely volume presents a broad and pluralistic view of spirituality and offers an ecumenical wellspring for therapists and clients of diverse faith orientations....A valuable resource for counselors, family therapists, and other health professionals."
-Digest of Neurology and Psychiatry

302 PagesSize: 6" x 9"Paperback:Publication Date: May 2003


I. Overview
1. Religion and Spirituality: Wellsprings for Healing and Resilience, Walsh
2 Opening Family Therapy to Spirituality, Walsh
II. Spiritual Resources in Families: Tapping into the Wellsprings
3. Spirituality, Suffering, and Beliefs: The Soul of Healing with Families, Wright
4. The Stresses of Poverty and the Comforts of Spirituality, Aponte
5. Spirituality and Religion: Implications for Psychotherapy with African American Clients and Families, Boyd-Franklin and Lockwood
6. Religion and Spiritual Folk Traditions in Immigrant Families: Therapeutic Resources with Latinos, Falicov
7. Three Spiritual Perspectives on Resilience: Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism, S. J. Wolin, with Muller, Taylor, and S. Wolin
8. "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother": Intergenerational Spirituality and Jewish Tradition, Fishbane
9. Feet Planted Firmly in Midair: A Spirituality for Family Living, Anderson
III. Spirituality and Family Therapy: Bridging the Divide
10. Morality and Spirituality in Therapy, Doherty
11. Healing from Trauma: The Quest for Spirituality, Barrett
12. Opening Therapy to Conversations with a Personal God, Griffith
13. Releasing the Soul: Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice, Schwartz
14. Stretching to Meet What's Given: Opportunities for a Spiritual Practice, Weingarten
15. Heart and Soul: Spirituality, Religion, and Rituals in Family Therapy Training, Roberts
16. Spirituality Expressed in Community Action and Social Justice: A Therapeutic Means to Liberation and Hope, Perry and Rolland

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