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Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents

by Judith A. Cohen, Anthony P. Mannarino, and Esther Deblinger

This is one of the first books to present a systematic treatment approach, grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy, for traumatized children and their families.

Full Description:   

This is one of the first books to present a systematic treatment approach, grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy, for traumatized children and their families. Provided is a comprehensive framework for assessing posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and other symptoms; developing a flexible, individualized treatment plan; and working collaboratively with children and parents to build core skills in such areas as affect regulation and safety. Specific guidance is offered for responding to different types of traumatic events, with an entire section devoted to grief-focused components. Also addressed are ways to tailor treatment to children's varying developmental levels and cultural backgrounds.

The authors' approach, trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), has been developed over 20 years and has been nationally recognized as an exemplary evidence-based program. TF-CBT was given an "Exemplary Program Award" in 2001 and recognition as a Model Program since 2003 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). In 2004 it was named a Best Practice by the Kauffmann Best Practices Task Force of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and was given the highest classification for an evidence-based practice by the U.S. Department of Justice sponsored report, "Child Physical and Sexual Abuse: Guidelines for Treatment."

"This state-of-the art treatment manual orients both the novice and seasoned clinician to critical core components for treating children who suffer from trauma and loss. Eminent clinician-scholars in the trauma field have provided a highly effective, evidence-based package, honed by feedback from community-based practitioners. This is a 'must-have' tool for every clinician s toolkit!"

"This is the book that clinicians and educators concerned with child traumatic stress have been waiting for! Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the clear 'best-practice' treatment for traumatized children and their families. This book describes this evidence-based treatment approach in a pragmatic manner that every clinician will appreciate. I found the extensive use of case examples and the answers to common clinical questions to be particularly valuable. This book should be read by every therapist and every student working with traumatized children and their families."

"For therapists treating children affected by trauma, this is a 'must-have' book. It is truly a clinician s guide, describing specific treatment strategies to accomplish the proven ingredients of trauma-focused therapy. It illustrates how theory-driven, research-supported interventions can be translated into real-life, complex case situations."

Pages: 246 + Index; 6 x 9


I. Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Chapter 1. The Impact of Trauma and Grief on Children and Families

Chapter 2. Assessment Strategies for Traumatized Children

Chapter 3. The TF-CBT Model: How It Works

Chapter 4. The Role of the TF-CBT Therapist

Part II. Trauma-Focused Components

Introduction to the TF-CBT Components

Trauma-Focused Component 1. Psychoeducation

Trauma-Focused Component 2. Parenting Skills

Trauma-Focused Component 3. Relaxation

Trauma-Focused Component 4. Affective Expression and Modulation

Trauma-Focused Component 5. Cognitive Coping and Processing I: The Cognitive Triangle

Trauma-Focused Component 6. Trauma Narrative

Trauma-Focused Component 7. Cognitive Coping and Processing II: Processing the Traumatic Experience

Trauma-Focused Component 8. In Vivo Mastery of Trauma Reminders

Trauma-Focused Component 9.Conjoint Child-Parent Sessions

Trauma-Focused Component 10.Enhancing Future Safety and Development

III. Grief-Focused Components

Introduction to the Grief-Focused Components

Grief-Focused Component 1. Grief Psychoeducation

Grief-Focused Component 2. Grieving the Loss and Resolving Ambivalent Feelings about the Deceased: "What I Miss and What I Don't Miss"

Grief-Focused Component 3. Preserving Positive Memories of the Deceased

Grief-Focused Component 4. Redefining the Relationship with the Deceased and Committing to Present Relationships

Grief-Focused Component 5. Conjoint Child-Parent Sessions, Treatment Review, and Closure

Appendix 1. Handouts

Appendix 2. Resources

Appendix 3. Additional Training

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