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Understanding Mental Health

by Katherine Greensmith

This much needed resource is designed to facilitate in the teaching and learning about mental health, this pack details vital information about common difficulties surrounding this issue. This will help you promote awareness and understanding in order to develop a positive attitude to mental illness.

Full Description:   

This resource will help you provide a foundation to some of the sociocultural issues which are raised in relationship to mental health, this excellent material will help promote awareness and understanding in order to develop a positive attitude to mental illness.

The manual is not intended to give in depth medical knowledge of mental disorders and health issues, but rather to act as a foundation from which to build.

The pack has been devised to gain the active participation of group members. By using the exercises provided, and personal reflection and sharing experiences with other group members, misunderstandings and negative attitudes towards individuals with mental health probelms can be challenged.

  • Providing an overview of the medical psychodynamic, behavioral and sociological aspects of mental health issues ranging from anxiety to suicide.
  • Devised to gain the active participation of group members through exercises.
  • Contains practical information essential to all those working in close contact with others, either personally or professionally.
  • Divided into four sections: Ideas about mental health; Models of mental illness; Common mental disorders; Mental health and society.

164 photcopyable masters; 11 X 12 hard cover ring binder


    Table of Contents:
  • Section 1: Ideas about Mental Health
  • Section 2: Models Of Mental Health; Medical, Psychodynamic, Social and Behavioral Models
  • Section 3: Common Mental Disorders (Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, Depression, Schizophrenia, Manic Depression, and the Treatment of Mental Health Problems
  • Section 4: Mental Health and Society: Institutionalization and its effects, Care in the community, Sociocultural differences and Mental Health, Gender and mental health, the elderly mentally ill, Promotion of mental health and prevention of mental health problems, Crisis intervention, Mental Health and safety, and Mentally disordered offenders
  • Glossary
  • References, recommended reading list and Useful addresses

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