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Relaxation Techniques

by Chrissie Hawkes-Whitehead & Lee Adams

A series of relaxation exercises in a photocopy-free format is contained in this bound volume. It is a superb resourcee for anyone who wishes to teach relaxation techniques in groups, or to hand out.

Full Description:   

This series of relaxation exercises is provided in a photocopy-free format. It is a superb resource for anyone who wishes to teach relaxation techniques in groups, or to hand exercises to clients for home practice.

  • Demonstates a variety of relaxation exercises
  • Explains how to run a relaxation group
  • Details common reactions to stress
  • Discusses the relationship between life styles and stress

Sample Activity


This pack is for anyone who is interested in learning how to relax for themselves and also in teaching relaxation techniques to others. It has evolved out of classes and groups we have run in various parts of the country. We believe that relaxation is an essential skill in maintaining health. We all lead very stressful lives these days, and although we all find different ways to relax, most of us do find it difficult at times. We need relaxation techniques to use then and also to incorporate into everyday life as a preventative measure.

The relaxation methods described in this pack are not a magical answer to stress although many people find it amazing how good they feel after using them. Simple techniques everyone can learn and pass on to others are described. As well as learning to use relaxation techniques, you really need to consider 'causes' of stress in your life and find ways to try to remove or alleviate them. Some people may find that stress is a major problem and therefore should seek medical help or counseling.

We hope you enjoy using the methods described and will feel inspired to go on and use other methods and therapies to enhance health.


  1. Make sure you are comfortable and have loosened any tight clothing.
  2. Close your eyes or lower them to look at a point in the middle of the floor.
  3. Now think about the sound of your breath as you breathe in and out.
  4. Now focus on the movement of your breathing between breathing out and breathing in.
  5. Now start to deepen the breath slowly and evenly.
  6. Keep focused on your breathing, the sound and movement.
  7. Now begin to think about any areas of your body which are particularly tense, identify two or three in your own mind by name.
  8. Think about how the areas of tension feel.
  9. Now focus on your breathing again, focus on an in-breath at the same time as you locate one of the 'tense' areas.
  10. Imagine breathing into this area directing the breath towards the tension.
  11. As you breathe out imagine the tension flowing out with the breath.
  12. Do that again two or three times, breathing into the tension and breathing the tension out.
  13. Now move onto one of the other areas you identified earlier and do the same exercise with that part.
  14. Now focus back on your breathing, if it has changed in any way bring it back to normal.
  15. Now slowly open your eyes and stay still for a few moments.

40 photocopyable masters; 10 X 12 hard cover ring binder


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