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Anti-Bullying: A Drama Resource

by Penny Casdagli

This novel drama-based pack explains the link between bullying and self-esteem. Exercises, stories and techniques place emphasis on rehearsing practical and positive solutions to the problem of bullying.

Full Description:   

Much has been written in the past about bullying. It is no longer the taboo subject that it was. The dire consequenses of non-intervention for the bullied, the bullies and the whole school community are well recognised. It is now good practice in schools to acknowledge the existence of bullying and to actively strive to combat it in order to preserve the well-being of the individual and the school

However, teachers and most other adults find bullying behaviour diffucult to deal with effectively. Fear of intervention is often associated with our uncertainty over what constitutes appropriate action and a fear that the wrong kind of intervention could make an already bad situation worse for the person being bullied.

This resource is a novel drama-based pack which explains the link between bullying and self-esteem. Exercises, stories and techniques place emphasis on rehearsing practical and positive solutions to the problem of bullying. The workshops give many opportunities to examine a variety of approaches.

4 ring binder manual


Foreward by Celestine Keise

About the author


What is bullying?
Why drama?
What this resource is not
About the Workshops
Language and culture
Special Needs
How to use this resource
The use of Only Playing, Miss
Preparation of the facilitator

Workshop 1: Ourselves

Workshop 2: Mad

Workshop 3: Bad

Workshop 4: Sad

Workshop 5: Nothing

Workshop 6: Better

Workshop 7: Glad

Only Playing, Miss: the playtext


Useful addresses

Index of exercises, games and extracts

Sample Activity



Introduction of Anti-bullying Work

Ask the participants to come and sit back in the circle. By now, everyone should have a grood grasp of self-esteem, what it is and how it works. Give as much positive affirmation as you can. Tell the participants that one of the ways self-esteem is lowered for everyone is when bullying takes place. Explain that this Workshop is the first in a series which will explore bullying through drama and acting, what it is, why it happens, what it makes people feel like, and what, if anything, can be done about it.

Giving out Workshop Sheet 1

Give each participant a copy of Work sheet 1 and ask them to fill it in their own time. Ask them to keep these sheets carefully--you may want to give them special files--as they will be added to every session and may form part of an exhibition or showcase about the Workshops at a later date.

Something I liked

Go round the circle and ask each participant briefly to say something that they liked about the Workshops, what they learned or that they were interested in. This, again, is positive reflection and at its simplest.

Lifting the Mirror

Standing up, ask the participants to imagine a huge, circular mirror at their feet. As you set up the exercise, demonstrate physically. Bend down, and very carefully, because such a large mirror is heavy and volatile, put your fingers under its edge, and taking the weight into your body, try and lift the mirror up all together. This means working at the same speed and with careful force. Lift it up. How far can it be safely raised? Maybe not much. That doesn't matter. Then, before the mime rags and dissipates, or gets competitive, bring the mirror back on to the ground with extreme care. Once it is there, let there be a moment's pause to allow the group to feel how they have worked together. This closing mirror exercise is emblematic of the whole session. Remind them where and when the next Workshop is to take place and, if appropriate, to bring their files. Thank them very much for their work.

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