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Therapeutic Interventions in Alzheimer's Disease 2nd Edition

by Joan K. Glickstein, Ph.D.

This book is directed towards professionals working with dementia clients, particularly those who are working one-on-one with dementia clients and their caregivers. The overall goal is to provide health care professional with therapy material that can be used in the development of individualized programs suitable for use with this client population.

Full Description:   

The overall goal of this manual is to provide professionals with therapeutic material that can be used in the development of individualized programs suitable for use with client population.

Part I is a general overview of aging and Alzheimer's disease. This section provides the reader with a working familiarity with current terminology, diagnostic determination and work-ups, management strategies, and theories of disease causation and progression.

Part II is a workbook section that consists of specific lesson plans that can be adjusted to the client's changing functional level, and repeated as appropriate. This approach to therapy is unique in that the caregiver is used as an adjunct therapist to ensure the follow up of the lessons and to improve, by practice, the client's interactive communication skills. Another distinguished feature of this approach to therapy is the definition of caregivers. In all of the lessons, the caregiver is defined as any significant other having close contact with the individual with dementia who is willing to accept the role. No prior training or specific skills are needed. For the client who is institutionalized, an aide or nurse having frequent contact with the individual may be designed as the caregiver.

Part III offers some practical suggestions that the health care professional will find useful. Those wishing to prepare their own therapy materials to use with dementia clients offers a "how-to" description. The lesson plans take advantage of the client's current abilities in order to prepare him or her for the losses that will occur as the disease progesses. Over the years, the author has identified a number of verbal and nonverbal behaviors that are here refined into a series of basic lessons aimed at establishing and maintaining functional skills necessary for daily activities. All extraneous stimuli have been eliminated from the lessons to allow the client maximum opportunity for success. Each task is outcome oriented. The goal of each lesson is to improve or maintain function.

255 pages; 8 1/2 X 11;hard bound



      Part I - Evaluation and Management of Dementia Clients

      Unit 1 - Overview of Aging and Dementia
      Demographics and Current Trends in Aging
      Misconceptions and Realities about Aging
      Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
      Experiemental Drug Treatments
      Unit 2 - Clinical and Behavioral Evaluation Procedures in Alzheimer's Diease
      Clinical Evaluation of Dementia Patients
      Behavioral Changes in Alzheminer's Disease
      Unit 3 - Management
      Family Needs
      Case Management for the Alzheimer's Client

      Part II - Functional Assessments and Interventions for Dementia Clients

      Unit 4 - Language Considerations in Alzheimer's Disease
      Unit 5 - A Functional Communication Program for Managing the Alzheimer's Client
      Unit 6 - Functional Assessment of Activities of Daily Living and Communication Skills
      Unidimensional Measures of Functional Ability
      Multidimensional Measures
      Identifying the Functional Communication Level of the Dementia Client
      Unit 7 - Working with Dementia Clients Living in the Community
      Two Case Histories
      Using the Lesson Plans
      The Role of the Caregiver
      Identifying the Functional Level of the Dementia Client
      Determining the Length of the Therapy Session
      Unit 8 - Lesson Plans
      Level I
      Lesson One: Writing a Brief Note
      Lesson Two: Establishing a Daily Routine
      Lesson Three: Remembering Appointments
      Lesson Four: Preparing a Shopping List
      Lesson Five: Using the Shopping List
      Lesson Six: Unpacking the Groceries
      Level II
      Lesson One: Writing
      Lesson Two: Establishing a Daily Routine
      Lesson Three: Remembering Appointments
      Lesson Four: Preparing a Sjopping List
      Lesson Five: Using the Shopping List
      Lesson Six: Unpacking Groceries
      Lesson Seven: Putting the Groceries Away
      Level III
      Lesson One: Orientation to Person
      Lesson Two: Orientation to Place
      Level IV
      Unit 9 - Working with Dementia Clients in Long-Term Care Setting
      Rational for Program Development
      Service Needs of the Alzheimer's Client
      The GNI Action Oriented Program for Persons with Cognitive Disability

      Appendix 9 - A Medicacre/OSRA Guidelines

      Unit 10 - Documentation
      Criteria for Proper Documentation
      How to Document
      Documenting a Functional Maintance Program
      Unit 11 - Reimbursement and Regulations
      Medicare Regulations Affecting Reimbursement

      Appendix 11 - A Department of Health and Human Services
      HCFA Memorandum BPO-043
      Skilled Nursing Facility Care Purpose
      Intent of New Guidelines Coverage of Services
      Rehabilitation: Patient's Potential for Recovery
      Appropriateness of Admission to SNF

      Part III - Suggestions for the Health Care Professional

      Unit 12 - A Practical Guide for Helping the Client
      Suggestions for the Health Care Professional
      Helpful Hints for the Family
      Additional Sources of Information ABout Alzheimer's Disease and Ading
      Appendix A: Glossary
      Appendix B: Materials
      Appendix C: How to Obtain Necessary Materials
      Appendix D: Suggested Category Cards and Client/Reference List Form

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