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Think of Wind: A Child's View of Alcoholism

by Catherine Mercury

This nonjudgemental observation of life in an alcoholic home is written for young children of alcoholics. Presented in a springboard format to discuss emotions resulting from addictive family dynamics.

Full Description:   

Catherine Mercury features simple illustrations and hand-lettered type in a new and unusual book for young children of alcoholics, Think of Wind. The author wrote it for her young neice and nephew after a visit to her sister who was in an alcoholic marriage. After seeing the changes in the children as their parents struggled with the disease, she decided to write a book about Children of Alcoholics feeling rather than one that focused on events.

"Think of Wind," says the small narrator in the book, "You can't see wind, but you can see the way it makes the trees act."

    Think of Wind offers:
  • Nonjudgemental observations of life in an alcoholic home
  • A Springboard to discuss emotions resulting from addictive family dynamics
  • A hopeful outlook from sharing one's experience

This publication is ideal for use at primary schools, Children of Alcoholics camps, and for parents and grandparents to read to their children.

32 pages; 12 X 9;soft bound


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