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Healing Childhood Abuse through Psychodrama DVD

by Tian Dayton

Adapt Tian Dayton s unique approach to working with childhood abuse to your own therapy work with clients.

Full Description:   

Psychodrama recreates powerful relational dynamics from the past to bring about cathartic change in the present. Trauma from child abuse remains trapped inside us and continues to threaten our feelings of safety and wellbeing through adulthood. Psychodrama allows us to safely reinhabit the body at the point of past abuse and make sense of the experience from an adult perspective. In this video, Bob fears that he is passing on the legacy of abuse from his stepfather to his four-year-old granddaughter. He acts out scenes with his mother, stepfather and granddaughter, playing both himself and reversing roles. In so doing, Tian helps Bob release hidden emotions, say the things he never got to as a child, and create new meaning around his past and current relationships.

From watching this video, you'll be able to:

  • Utilize role-play, role reversal and doubling techniques with clients who have suffered trauma from childhood abuse.
  • Create psychodrama warm-up exercises, action scenes, and group sharing discussions
  • Adapt Tian Dayton s unique approach to working with childhood abuse to your own therapy work with clients.

    With English Subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers.

    In these extremely powerful live group sessions, master clinician and psychodramatist Tian Dayton works with group participants to confront childhood abuse, and work through trauma that they are carrying in their bodies. Dayton addresses these delicate issues with directness and great care, employing innovative action-oriented techniques that you can use in your work with clients, whether you are trained in psychodrama or not.

    DVD 55 min


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