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Volume III: Keys to Fostering Growth DVD
Encounter Groups for Addictions
by Rod Mullen

Mullen discusses several key components to fostering growth and change in groups.

Full Description:   

Mullen discusses several key components to fostering growth and change in groups. He first explores the marathon group and how these day or weeklong sessions can bring participants into deeper understanding of themselves and what they need to change. He then discusses the importance of moral growth and ways in which facilitators can lead groups that foster moral growth by providing credible role models, healthy levels of conflict, role-reversal, and the teaching of responsibility. Finally, Mullen discusses the prevalence of PTSD among addicts and how encounter groups offer opportunities to heal from childhood abuse.

    From watching this video, you'll be able to discuss:
  • Describe ways marathon groups differ from regular encounter groups, the importance of them for group members, and different possibilities for doing them today.
  • Discuss the conditions a facilitator must create to foster moral growth within group members.
  • Explain how PTSD increases a person s risk for abusing drugs, and how trauma can be worked through in encounter groups.

    Addtional Volumes (sold separately)
    Volume 1: Evolution of the Encounter Group
    Volume II: Pitfalls & Solutions
    All 3 Volumes

    DVD 1 hrs. 15 min.


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