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Creative Games in Groupwork

by Robin Dynes, Counselor

Do you need fresh ideas for Games? Are you constinuously searching for choices and variety to give balanced group sessions which will motivate people, whatever their ages, tastes or interests?

Full Description:   

Do you need fresh ideas for games? Are you continuously searching for choice and variety to give balanced group sessions which will motivate people, whatever their ages, tastes or interests?

Scores of ideas for games are presented in this book. You can see at a glance what materials are needed, an preparation required, and how each game is played. Variations and comments are also included.

This book is organized into sections, making it easy to select a balanced program. There are introduction and mixing exercises, games using gentle movement, exuberant games, puzzles and brain treasers, verbal games, pen and paper games, quizzes, word games and an outdoor activities section.

An indispensable tool for anyone organizing an activity program!

Sample Activity: True Incident

    Materials: None
    Preparation: None

    Sit everyone in a circle. Explain that you want people to search their memories for significant moments in their lives: a memorable occasion, how they achieved something, a holiday they had, something they made and so on. Allow a few minutes for thought and then ask each person to relate his/her story to the group. Encourage the story-teller to elaborate, describing in detail and giving a full account. Have other players ask questions to help.

  1. Instead of a true incident, have everyone make up a fictional story, the more outrageous and exaggerated the better. Let the theme be something they wished they had done, achieved or may want to do in the future.
  2. Have the other players repeat each story, telling it from a different angle, so that the story may be seen from different viewpoints. If the story was about a holiday it might be seen from the courier's angle, an older or younger person's viewpoint, or through the eyes of the hotel receptionist.


    A game which, when elaborated upon, can be very funny and stimulate the imagination. It is also pleasant to recall positive incidents from the past. Variation two above may help players to appreciate how their actions are views by others.

249 pages; 8 X 9;spiral bound


  1. A Guide to Creative Games in Groupwork
    -Why games?
    - How the games are presented
    - Using the book
    - Working the magic
  2. Getting to Know You: A Selection of introduction and mixing exercises
    - Spin the plate
    - Name game
    - Stations
    - Autobiographies
    - Self-introduction
    - Which flower
    - Journalist
    - Word hunt
    - What do you see?
    - What am I?
    - Who am I?
    - Guess who?
    - Snowball talk
    - I imagine
    - Adverts
    - Interview
    - Adverts
    - Interview
    - Jigsaw
    - Observation quiz
    - Guess the phrase
    - Tasks
  3. Gentle As You Go: Quiet games, mostly using gentle movement
    - Occupations
    - The sports game
    - Whose hands?
    - Gone fishing
    - Fashion parade
    - Jumbled newspapers
    - Ring on a string
    - Blind man's buff
    - Making a will
    - What am I like?
    - Deadpan faces
    - Judge the mood
    - What kind of holiday?
    - Comment cards
    - Rhubarb
    - Guess the sound
    - Famous people
    - Post-boxes
    - Picture posing
  4. On The Move: Exuberant games using vigorous movement
    - Newspaper hockey
    - Number formations
    - Pass the ball
    - Gone shopping
    - Musical islands
    - All change!
    - Odds and evens
    - Fan the ballon
    - Going through the motions
    - Obstacle course
    - Birthday mime
    - Potato race
    - Blind race
    - Mail robber
    - Miming to music
    - Touch sense
    - Wolf
    - Simon says
    - Square pitch
  5. Solve A Problem: Games using puzzles and brain-teasers
    - Odd man out
    - Pass the proverb
    - Word search
    - Find the change
    - True or false?
    - Joining up
    - Describing the object
    - Feely bags
    - Blank puzzle
    - Towns and cities
    - Follow the number
    - Find the maxim
    - Spot the difference
    - Catagories
    - Crambo
    - Memory bag
    - Acrostics
    - Find the poet
  6. Write it Down: Pen and paper games
    - Write a letter
    - Character traits
    - All ways
    - Elephants
    - Self-advert
    - Random words
    - Coat of arms
    - Telegrams
    - Consequences
    - Advice
    - Jumbled cities
    - Clumps
    - Drawing game
    - Picture consequences
    - Newspaper word search
    - Reminiscence
    - Illustrator
    - Criss-crossword
    - Personal statements
  7. Talking It Through: Verbal games
    - Word association
    - Superstitions
    - News item
    - Geographic circle
    - Impromptu speeches
    - Bric-a-brac
    - Word circle
    - Countryside circle
    - Suspension of disbelief
    - Personal objects
    - Ambitions
    - True incident
    - Yes or no
    - What happens next?
    - Numbers
    - What are you wearing?
    - Musical topics
    - Emergency
    - Picture story
    - The traveller's alphabet
  8. Use Your Knowledge: General and impromptu quizzes
    - Newspaper quiz
    - Missing letters
    - Guess the object
    - How observant are you?
    - Initial proverbs
    - Novelty noughts-and-crosses
    - Word power
    - Who are they?
    - Television expert
    - Famous names
    - Alpabet cards
    - The geography game
    - Towns and cities
    - Geography jigsaw
    - The memory game
    - Jackpet quiz
    - Botticelli
    - Musical quiz
    - Subject and association
    - Baseball quiz
  9. Exercise Your Word Power: A selection of Stimulating word-games
    - Beginning and endings
    - Half-and Half
    - Stairway of words
    - Spellmaster
    - Find the word
    - Combinations
    - Taboo
    -Key word
    - Long word
    - Adjectives
    - Category challenge
    - Five-word challenge
    - Vocabulary
    - Pass the rhyme
    - Word square
    - Change the word
    - Word Square
    - Change the word
    - Word building
    - Long sentences
    - Concealed words
    - What does it mean?
  10. Out and About: Outdoor activities
    - Mat-toss race
    - Plate-skimming Olympics
    - Reverse relay race
    - One-minute walk
    - Rings on a stick
    - Tenpin bowling
    - Three-legged race
    - Silly walks competition
    - Garden golf
    - Ball-throwing contest
    - Ballon ball
    - Newspaper chase
    - Dragging the ball
    - Clock croquet
    - Charlie Chaplin relay
    - Hand tennis
    - Garden bowls
    - Bucket brigade
    - Stepping out
    - Rounders

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