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Draw On Your Emotions

by Margot Sunderland

This manual provides an "easy-to-do" picture exercises with the aims of helping people of all ages express, communicate, and deal more effectively with their emotions in everyday life.

Full Description:   

A series of structured "easy-to-do" picture exercises with the aim of helping people of all ages express, communicate, and deal more effectively with their emotions in everyday life are presented in this manual. It is made up of a series of illustrations which are intended to be used as photocopy originals, providing a source of effective ready to use material.

  • Contains exercises and pictures specifically designed to ease the process of talking about feelings.
  • Helps to promote a new clarity of thought as a first step towards positive action and bring seemingly huge, unmanageable and insolvable problems into a new perspective.
  • Offers opportunities to rehearse other ways of functioning by trying out alternatives safely on paper in exercises that can be adapted for any age group and ability.

    Sample ActivityTHE DOOR


    The objective of this exercise is to consider the concept of appropriate and inappropriate self-disclosure, ideas of self-protection and healthy defense mechanisms. Specifically, the exercise may enable the participant to explore and identify the aspects of the self which he or she wishes either to disclose, or keep private and protected, and from whom. It may be a particularly useful exercise for participants who have been 'invaded' or abused in some way in the past, who as a consequence feel they have no right to their privacy and boundaries, or for participants who tend to give too much of themselves away to certain people and then feel somehow exposed, or exploited as a result. The exercise can serve to remind such participants of what they widh to protect, and to keep to themselves, until the relationship conditions are safe enough for them to do otherwise.


    Write all the things about yourself which you wish to protect, and not expose in a potentially unsafe environment, behind this door. Then write on the door itself the people who you wish to keep out and who must not see these aspects of you, until or unless you change your mind. (maybe they would humiliate you or laugh at you or misunderstand you if they were to see these aspects of you.)


    Discussion topic:

    Discuss the concept of self-disclosure generally, how much or how little to give away of yourself and to whom. Discuss the fact that, when people have been abused sexually or physically, they sometimes feel that they have no different needs for personal space in relationships.

    Intimacy and self-disclosure:

    Consider how self-disclosure is an essential prerequisite for desired intimacy. In light of this, participants may also wish to comment on one format for helping people to reach a more contactual, intimate level in conversation, which is for both parties to ask personal questions whilst also offering personal information about themselves. If one element is missing from this, e.g., If one party asks questions but doesn't offer information, or offers information but doesn't ask questions, the likelihood of a high level of safisfying intimacy being reached is far less.


      Life Graph
      Life Path
      The Film of Your Life
      Your Story
      Dream Time
      The Hand
      The Window
      Snakes and Ladders
      Life Times
      WHO ARE YOU?
      The Thought in Your Head
      The Roles You Play
      You and Your Shadow
      The Door
      The Four Feelings
      The Angry Page
      The Grand Exhibition of Bad Feelings
      Your Movement World
      Museum of Loss
      Hopes and Wants and Things That Crush Them
      Life Crossroads
      The Maze
      Life Luggage
      Life Imprisonment
      The Wall
      Obstacle Course
      The Critic in Your Head
      Good Things You Say to Yourself
      Dig Yourself Out
      The Little Things in Life That Get in the Way of the Big Things
      The Festival of Moments
      First Aid Kit
      Suitcase of Valuables
      Diploma Ceremony
      The Place of Your Life
      Scrap Book of Six Important Places
      Places of Your World
      The Room
      You and an Important Relationship
      Your Personal Universe
      Photograph Album
      People Adverts
      You in Groups
      Invited or Excluded?
      When Being With People is Frightening
      Who is Getting at You and Who do You Want to Get at?
      Unfinished Business
      The Size You Feel
      Wheel of Faces
      The Givers and the Takers
      Sample Exercises

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