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Unmasking Sexual Con Games: Parents Guide

by Ron Herron and Kathleen M. Sorensen

Help for parents worried about protecting their teens from and arming them against sexual harassment, abuse, and harmful relationships

Full Description:   

A recent national survey of elementary and high school female students found that 89% had been subjected to sexual comments or gestures, 83% had been touched or grabbed. Parents are sometimes unaware of the level of sexual harassment and pressure their daughters, and even their sons, are under in school hallways, on playgrounds, and on city streets.

This guidebook for parents is a compact but comprehensive look at the pressures their children face. Included are how parents can help children set appropriate personal boundaries, treat others with respect, and recognize sexual con artists who would victimize them. Gives tips on how to strengthen childrens resistance to language cons and the emotional grooming tactics of bribery, flattery, status, and intimidation. Explains how crucial a strong parent-child relationship and good communication are in this process. Also tells parents how to watch for the signs of abuse and what to do if they discover their child has been abused.

This book can be used on its own or it can keep parents informed as their child completes the curriculum presented in the leaders and student guides.



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